Monday, September 22, 2008

Faith and Fairy Tales

Jocelyn has long been a fan of "Cinderella" but yesterday we discovered the magic that is "Sleeping Beauty". Since we only have one television (the other one went kaput shortly after Joel left, of course, and the little DVD player bit the dust long ago) I have seen it three times since yesterday afternoon. I normally try to limit the amount of time she watches T.V. but I was being lazy. Anyway, since I have been forced to listen to the three fairies bicker and Aurora Rose pine for her prince so many times it has set my mind to wandering. I was really contemplating the part where Rose is "cursed" by the wicked queen. Right away the little blue fairy counteracts the curse by bestowing a promise on the baby that instead of dying on her 16th birthday she would merely sleep until awakened by her true love's kiss. Okay, we are all familiar with that part. But what confounded me is why did her father still insist on burning all the spinning wheels? Also, why was it necessary to sweep Rose away from her parents into hiding? Didn't they believe in the blue fairy's power? Hadn't she shown it before? If I was her parents I would have spent a lot more time trying to find her true love then trying to hide her from the evil witch. He was the one who would save her, she couldn't get away from the dying part, really. Rose's life had already been promised to be kept safe, right?

Then I had a sudden realization (caution: it gets a bit scary because I start making spiritual approximations!). Isn't that exactly what we do to God? He shows us His power all the time, and He is perfect in His strength and might (or so we say). Yet, He makes us promises and we go around trying to secure them on our own, under the guise that we are being careful, or "realistic", moves that are usually highly lauded by friends and family. I mean look at Abraham. He had been promised a son, by the same God who "cut the covenant" with him. Yet, he still tried to force the issue by having a child with Hagar, with Sarah's approval! Look at all the trouble that got him into! The same with poor Sleeping Beauty. Not only was she separated from her parents for 16 years, but she still had to suffer from the curse, but was also saved by the promise. Wouldn't things have been easier if she had just trusted the promise and lived her life gracefully and fully, not fearfully and in hiding?

Whoa! There I am again. Not believing that He "works all things for my good" that He has a "future and a plan" for me, not trusting that He "is with me always". He has given me much greater promise, my salvation and eternal place in heaven. Why then do I live this life, such a tiny portion of the bigger picture, so afraid? Why do I try to take care of myself when I have a Perfect Provider?

Lord, I want to live my life secure in your promises. I don't want to try to feebly circumvent bad things when You have the power to turn what is bad into something good.Please forgive me for the times I have tried to do what only You can. Thank You for being the most Powerful, Perfect God. Thank you for loving me even when I have such puny faith. Guide me in Your way and teach me.

I am so glad that Jesus loves me! I am thankful He can take anything the evil one throws at me and turn it into good. I am also thankful for Josie and her love for good triumphing over evil. Although, I do think this is the last time we will watch "Sleeping Beauty" today, no matter the spiritual significance!


  1. Clare, I read recently that the words to "Jesus Loves Me" are often more meaningful to adults than children. I think it's true!

    Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me.....the Bible tells me so.

  2. Ok so I am still waiting on the devotional by beloved Author Clare P.!
    Seriously I am always awakened to a new truth or a promise to better my spiritual life by some nugget on your blog. Keep up the fantastic work. Love ya~Me
    Next time could you use Peter Pan or Star Wars, those are the two I could repeat in my sleep;)



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