Friday, September 19, 2008

Gathering Grace

There is something that has been a recurring theme this week for me: manna. First, I studied it in my Beth Moore study and then we discussed it in Awana on Thursday. Really though, it was more about the gathering. The Lord instructed the Israelites to gather the manna every morning (except for Friday when they gathered twice as much so they wouldn't have to gather on the Sabbath). He did this because He wanted to teach them that He would provide for them every day, as long as they trusted Him. Beth correlated this to the scripture in Lamentations that talks about His "mercies are new every morning". The Lord provides enough grace, like manna, for everyday; my only job is to gather and not be greedy!

What a revelation! I do not ever have to fear that a situation will be too tough for me to handle! I can forget about yesterday and not think about tomorrow. I just need to gather the grace for today, and there is always just enough. No matter how much the Israelites gathered there was always the perfect amount for everyone. I think what struck me the most is that I try to store grace. Doesn't work, it gets moldy and maggoty! I mean, when I try to do all my week's Bible study in one day, or only worship on Sundays. It won't last! It's good for that day, but the next day I have to have more. God doesn't do this to demand my dependence, He just wants to grow my faith. I show my faith by simply taking what I need. It is very exciting to know that I only have to live in today. I am always trying to worry about tomorrow, but now I know that tomorrow's grace is right where it needs to be: in tomorrow.


  1. Clare, although I never thought of it that way, it's so true! We can't store it up, we have to partake of it on a daily basis for it to be fresh and nourishing! Amazing!!!

  2. Clare,
    Thanks for sharing from your heart. We all need to remember what you have expressed. That's why we call it "Amazing" grace.
    Love Ya, MOM

  3. Lara,
    I think you should write a devotional, because I always find your insights speak to me. Thanks for sharing what you learn. Somedays the way God shares his grace with me is through you!



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