Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Down with booties!

I have decided that for the moment I am going to indulge in being extremely shallow. I have a new rant in life-booties. I am not talking about cute, fluffy blue and pink knitted socks for infants either. I am talking about the latest, horrid evil trend. Those awful lace-up, bow-bedecked, high heeled monstrosities. I hope that trend fades faster than Tickle-Me Elmo! Why in the world would you want to wear a shoe that looks like it was produced from an affair between a hiking boot and a stiletto? What is WRONG with these people?! And nothing is more heinous than a peep-toe booty. Absolutely just the ugliest thing since homemade sin as my mother would say. They are actually uglier than the stupid gladiator style sandal that was all the rage this summer. (Although I wouldn't wear a pair of those if someone paid me... well, okay, maybe if it was a LOT of money). Where do the fashion people come up with this stuff? I sincerely think they have their board meetings and once a season they pick an item to prank the whole planet with. I can just hear the conversation... "So Bob, the world took to leg-warmers like ducks to water, how about this fall we set up ugly half-boot-half-heel-no-cuteness-anywhere booties as the hot new item?" "That's hilarious Jim! That will be a great way to use up all the laces from the children's shoes we didn't sell and no one will guess it is all a huge joke!" Wake up people, whoever said Crocs were the ugliest fashion-trend ever has forgotten about Uggs (doesn't the name say it all?) and has never seen the new booty! Down with the booty!

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  1. OK I think I secretly liked the Uggs. In fact, I have a pair of Ugg flip flops (they're leather on top and the underside is furry against the top of your foot) that are adorable. You'd probably like them, but the boots, I agree are a bit too much.

    Those booties are an absolute fashion travesty though. I think celebs sometimes do something and it catches on. Think Katie Holmes with the oversized, peg-legged, rolled up jeans. It was ugly in the 80's and it hasn't gotten prettier, yet it's the newest jeans trend again thanks to her - HACK!!!



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