Monday, September 15, 2008

Carbon Copies

I love reading other people's blogs. The problem is that I have to resist the urge to duplicate everyone else. I am looking at everyone's blogs and thinking I should plan menus, organize my house and lose weight! While I probably should do all those things I have to remember to do them in a way that will honor the Lord and work for my family. I need to use others' ideas as inspiration, not for imitation. I do some fun things all on my own! I recently put out all my fall decor and was thoroughly pleased with the results of covering my tiny "dollhouse" dining room table with orange gingham fabric. I also filled a glass pumpkin with dish washing tabs! (Don't ask me why I always put my tabs in a decorative container on my windowsill. It just provides me pleasure, good enough reason, right?) Besides, I figured I may as well have fun since I will be spending the holidays with my parents and will miss out on Christmas decorations. Yet another year in storage! Oh well, part of being a military wife. Anyway, back to my earlier thoughts. When we all do things differently it gives us an opportunity to appreciate others' creativity and skills. Inside I realize I am glad we are not all the same-no carbon copies here!


  1. Lara,
    I thought your tablecloth sounded super cute! I am hesitant to pull out the fall decor, I think it makes me realize how close deployment truly is.I can't wait till our visit though, it is the one bright spot to Steve leaving. Love ya~Me

  2. I loved your harvest decorations! They were so fun! :)



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