Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thankfulness: From Hand to Heart Day 8

"I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;    I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds." Psalm 9:1 NIV 
   We've already established that I'm a talker. And part of that talking is sharing (And sometimes, over-sharing, just to be honest. I try to keep that to a minimum, but it happens.). If I find a good deal, if I had a bad experience, if I have a tip, or an idea, or a suggestion, chances are good I'm going to talk about. 

    And if you do something nice for me, chances are even better that I'll post it on Instagram, on my Facebook page, tell my mom and possibly give you a handwritten card. Because I appreciate nice people who do nice things. And while I don't believe in karma, I do believe everyone can benefit from a little positive reinforcement. And if I share about the sweet thing you said or did, I certainly don't mind if it gets back to you. Knowing someone is saying nice things about you to your face *and* behind your back? Wonderful!

   And I feel the same way about the Lord. If He grants my request, surprises me with a blessing, big or small, or just reminds me of His awesome power through a beautiful leaf, I'm pretty darn inclined to want to tell someone else about it.

    Because when your heart is overflowing with gratitude, you shouldn't really keep it to yourself. When the Lord has done something in your life, no matter whether it is "important" or seemingly insignificant, that is worth talking about. Both to Him, and to others. Everyone loves a thank you, but how fabulous is it to know that someone isn't just telling you you're great, but telling everyone else, too?

   And one of the best side effects of talking about how thankful you are for the things God has done (and I'm not just talking about tagging your trip to Disneyland #blessed, don't even get me started on that) is that it draws others in . People want to get close to someone that does nice things, they want to know someone who has the power to turn a frown upside down. And God is so much more than that. He can turn a lousy life into a fruitful one, He can make the lame walk, He can bring the dead to life. And He has for you. And that is worth talking about.

Today's Reflection:
  Make a list of some of the wonderful deeds of God you experienced in your own life. Find someone today to tell one or two of those wonderful deeds to, even if it is "just" your kids. And be sure to thank God for those things, as well.  

Looking for the printable scripture writing plan? Or another day of the "Thankfulness: From Hand to Heart" study? Find them here! 

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