Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankfulness: From Hand to Heart Day 17

"The Lord will surely comfort Zion

    and will look with compassion on all her ruins;
He will make her deserts like Eden,
    her wastelands like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in her,
    thanksgiving and the sound of singing."
Isaiah 51:3 NIV
      Thankfulness in this world isn't always just a result of avoiding problems. Yes, it is easier to get the big raise, or the "A" on the final, or the "all clear" at the doctor's office. But, sometimes, what summons the most gratitude is the restoration, the carrying through, the forgiveness.

   Obviously, we should never do things on purpose to require grace or forgiveness (Romans 6:1), we should strive to always live in a manner worthy of Christ, but in this fallen world, it is inevitable that we will fall short. Like Israel, we won't measure up, and we will feel bereft and alone.

     Other times, life will just be hard. Through no fault of our own, we will suffer trials and hardships, things just plain won't go our way. We will wonder what happened.

   And then, sooner or later, if we continue to trust and have faith (or in the case of the fault being our own, recognize and repent of our wrongdoing) we will find that we have been restored. We will remember the promises, and begin to feel joy again.

   In this life, troubles are unavoidable. But we are also promised that is not all there is. God will bring hope and healing, joy out of mourning. And when that begins, when He comforts us and has compassion on us, that is definitely something to be thankful for.

Today's Reflection:
Think back to a time when you know the Lord restored you. Thank the Lord for His gift of joy and gladness, especially after times of sorrow or separation from Him. 

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