Friday, June 3, 2016

"Thanks for Helping Me Grow" Herb Thank You Gifts

       Usually when I am putting together thank-you gifts, I come up with an idea, and then I have to go try to find the items to fit my vision. This time the opposite happened. I found these terrific watering cans at Ikea and for once I just decided to buy them and figure out what to do with them. The Ikea PS 2002 is a great deal normally, it's $0.99, but this great green color was on clearance so I snagged them for $0.49! I couldn't pass them up for that price, they demanded I come up with a plan.

   Originally, I thought I might put cut flowers in them, but that kind of defeated the whole garden motif, so I moved onto planting flowers. However, if I purchased the six-pack type that are the best deal, I realized I would also have to buy pots to transfer them to, since I wanted the watering can to be able to be used, not as a planter. I moved onto potted plants, and realized they ran around $3-$4 each for decent looking ones. And I wasn't 100% sure that the people I was gifting them to would have a place to transplant them. Then, inspiration finally struck: why not give them herbs? Then, even if the recipient didn't have a garden, they could still enjoy the plant by growing it indoors, and also they would be immediately useful for cooking!

 The other great part about this project? It was SO easy. Probably the easiest thank-you I have ever put together! I only needed a couple of things:
-kraft gift tags (Hobby Lobby)
-Dixie cup
-Bakers' Twine
-Chalkboard Plant Marker
-Chalk pen
-Herbs (Trader Joe's for $2.49!) I bought oregano, thyme and sage
-Watering cans

  Usually I make a printable, but I decided to just write it out this time, because I wanted to use the gift tags. You can see my lettering isn't perfect, but it just ensures the recipient knows it is handmade! ;) I embellished the word "Grow" with little leaves to make it stand out.
 I simply block printed the name of the herb on the plant markers. I left in the original plastic plant marker, just because it has the watering and sun needs on it. The plants came wrapped in cute polka-dotted cellophane. I love Trader Joe's... I stuck the markers in the herbs, and then turned the Dixie cup upside down  and put it in the bottom of the can. Then I set the plant on the cup to elevate the plant so it would be visible above the lip of the watering can.

  I tied the gift tags with bakers' twine and slipped them over the spout. And ta-da: a literally five minute thank-you that is both useful, cute AND calorie-free! Anyone else start to evaluate their diet more closely as summertime approaches? ;)
  I was so pleased with how these turned out. Cute, frugal, and longer-lasting than a bouquet of flowers or candy! And, I really do appreciate how our co-op teachers helped my kids to grow this year. They are an amazing group of women and really do earn my life-long gratitude each year!

   These would be so easy to customize with cute puns, "Thanks for your "sage" wisdom", "I appreciate your "thyme" and dedication". You know how I love a good pun! Or you could go with flowers or veggies if that would be a better fit for your particular recipient.

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