Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Carson, On His 6th Birthday

Dear Carson,
           So, this has been a very different birthday for you. You were born a Colorado baby, on Ft. Carson to be exact. (In my very pregnant mind, I didn't realize that your name matched your birthplace. You had a different name up until two weeks before you were born. I decided it didn't "fit" and we selected Carson, after my grandpa.) You have celebrated all of your birthdays in Colorado. You have always lived in Colorado. Until now.
        I don't think you have realized that we have moved yet and you won't get to see your Colorado friends anymore. That probably makes me more sad than it makes you. You seem to think that we are just visiting Grammy, but we aren't. We made a hard decision, to leave the state we loved, full of sweet friends, to live closer to family. And I think you will find in the future that you are glad we made that choice. Because you already seem to realize what an amazing gift family is-one that you can't take for granted. You love to be with our little family of four, and you delight in spending time with all your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I do, too!

     They are already noticing all the things that I love about you: you are a natural leader. You aren't bossy, but you aren't afraid to take charge. All the kids in our old neighborhood are probably missing you by now, because you are their ringleader! We were at Grammy's for six weeks last summer, and we were literally pulling into the driveway and they crowded around cheering that you were finally home. You can be a little stand-offish in new situations, but once you find your footing you are pretty secure.

    They can also see how loving you are. You might be rough and tumble (you love to wrestle with anyone!) because you are all boy, but you can be so sweet. You love to give hugs and still will let me hold you- that makes my heart so full. You are always eager to help, I think because you like to make people happy. I understand, because I feel that way, too.

    You are so perceptive, you notice when people are upset or sad. I think that is what makes you so smart. You are doing first grade math this year with ease, and you have learned how to read like a champ. You are so particular with your handwriting-if you make your letters wrong you will erase them of your own accord to fix them. I love your little bit of perfectionism because it makes it so easy to school you!

    Without a doubt, though, my proudest moment of the last year was when you accepted Jesus as your Savior. You knew that even though you are so young, that you needed Jesus. You love to ask questions about Bible stories and try to understand your Awana verses. You can always tell me what your Sunday School lessons are about-I know you are really paying attention. You still love the story of Barak and Deborah, and can recite it almost perfectly, but you also adore Samson, the fiery furnace, and Peter and the coin in the fish's mouth.

   You still love to be just like your dad, too. You put Tabasco on everything, you love your "comfy clothes" (gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt were two of your favorite presents), and talking about Avengers. You love for him to roughhouse with you, or play light sabers. He loves you so much, too.

  I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for you. You bring so much joy to our family and I never stop thanking the Lord for giving you to us. You are such an amazing little boy, I am praying that you will be the same type of man. Thanks for loving us, and sharing your sweet spirit.

                                                                    Happy Birthday! I love you.

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