Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Double Chocolate Turnovers

     I mentioned on Facebook (What?! You aren't following "Clare's Contemplations" on Facebook? Go now, like the page and come back!) that I was missing my camera following our recent move. Well, I finally found it! I had taken photos for two posts and I am so glad to finally be able to get them up. The first one is this "recipe"!

     One of the biggest headaches when moving, to me anyway, is the dreaded "eat-everything-in-the-kitchen-that-you-can't-move-so-you-don't-have-to-throw-away-all-that-money-food" problem. I am not a super creative cook, and I really like to use a recipe, even if it is only for a springboard. However, you can't be that black and white when you are trying to make food humans will eat out of mostly condiments, leftover heels of bread and  canned tomatoes. Anyway, I was looking in the fridge right before we left and I saw a container of partially eaten frosting and two cans of crescent rolls and this idea for "Double Chocolate Turnovers" was born! I would say it was providential, even.

Double Chocolate Turnovers
Here's what you will need:
-a can of crescent rolls (this can easily be doubled or even tripled for the amount of frosting)
-container of chocolate frosting
-chocolate chips
-pecan bits/pieces, if you like

These are so simple, but they were really tasty. Preheat your oven to the recommended temperature on the crescent can. Unroll your crescent dough, and instead of separating it into 8 triangles, separate it into four rectangles. Firmly pinch the diagonal area formed by the two triangles that you have left together. Place the rectangles on a baking sheet and scoop a generous tablespoon-tablespoon and half of frosting onto one half of each rectangle. Flatten slightly with a spoon if necessary to keep it from being a mound, but there is no need to spread it out. Sprinkle 10-12 chocolate chips onto the frosting scoop, and add the desired amount of pecans. Fold the rectangle over and firmly press down on the three edges-you can use a fork if you like. Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown-be careful not to overcook, or all your frosting will melt out! Shortly before removing from the oven, microwave about 1/4 c. of the remaining frosting to use as drizzle. It will probably only take about 30 seconds to make it liquid. Remove the turnovers and use a spatula to carefully move to serving plates. Drizzle (use a fork to make it pretty) with the melted frosting and sprinkle with more chocolate chips and pecans. Serve warm. One can will make four turnovers.

    We ate ours with ice cream and a tall glass of ice-cold milk. For a dessert that takes about 5 minutes to put together it was really good. It was a great way to use up what I had left, but I would make these intentionally the next time. They would be great for breakfast, too, if you don't mind all that sugar! I think these would also be really marvelous if you served them with fresh strawberries or raspberries, but if you only use the crescents, frosting and chocolate chips you will still have a great dessert that takes precious little time and energy but looks and tastes delicious!


  1. Oh my! Those look and sound delicious. I can't imagine messing them up with crescent rolls and chocolate frosting. Definitely will try very soon! :) Lana

    1. I'm definitely one for making things that are hard to mess up! Quick and easy are my top favorite recipe "ingredients". ;)



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