Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Unique, Thoughtful (and Frugal) Teacher Thank-You Gifts

     This time of year I always see tons of ideas for teacher thank you gifts. After a long year these faithful servants deserve a little special something, I think! However, you don't want just any old thoughtless thing you snatched up from the dollar bin at the grocery store, right? I love to give thank you gifts, so I have some much better (but still cheap!) ideas for you. You could also easily translate these ideas to graduation gifts, Mother's/Father's Day ideas, or if you added a gift card to bump up the value you could even use them to springboard off for wedding gifts!

 1. "Soapin' You Have A Great Summer" Hand soap sets These are always welcomed because who doesn't need soap? It is so easy to put these together, and you get to adjust to your budget. Need a super thrifty gift? Dollar Store kitchen towel and some $0.97 Softsoap. Want to get fancier? Use Bath and Body Works soap and a luxurious bathroom hand towel! The saying is so "punny"- "Your "bubbly" enthusiasm made learning fun. "Soapin" you have a great summer!"

2. "Thirst Quenching Thank You" These are such a fun gift! They are especially great if you want to thank teens or older children (think Awana LITs, VBS workers, or school "buddies") but adults love them, too! It's a whole bottle of summer fun! I filled mine with ice pops, drink mix packets, bubbles, inflatable sponges and attached a tiny water gun. You can have endless options for ice pops and drink mixes, as well, if you wanted to use them for party favors.

3. "Carnival Prize Thank You" These were for my kids VBS leaders, but think of all the cute sayings you could put for a school teacher: "Thank you for an awesome "ride" this year!",  "You are a real "prize" teacher!", "You were the "ticket" to a fun year!". I bought sweet stuffed monkeys, glow necklaces, giant Pixie sticks and put them together with bottled "vintage" sodas in popcorn bags. Colorful and unique, no one will have a thank-you like this!

4. "Basket of Sunshine" This adorable gift was for a college student, but I can't think of any woman who wouldn't appreciate the things that are in it! The color coordination is what pulls it all together, so really you could do this with any color you wanted. I love bright, sunny yellow so that made it an easy choice. I found tons of yellow goodies: nail polish, gum, a candle, matches (which I quickly covered to coordinate, of course!), a notepad and a specially selected Scripture, which I framed. When everything matches it is hard to resist!

5. "Relaxation Kit" This is the perfect gift if your budget is tight but you have lots of women that you would like to thank. The homemade bath salts are really what makes this gift shine. It gives it an incredibly thoughtful handmade touch. I don't think anyone would know that they are only about $1 for the *whole* gift, which includes bath salts, a sponge, a decorated candle, and better-than-Kisses chocolates.

   Hopefully this will get you started so that you can show your gratitude to the people who have loved, led, and instructed your child this year! And check back, because I always have people that I need to say "thanks" to, and I can't resist putting together these fun little presents and sharing them with you.

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