Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Carson, On His 5th Birthday

 Dear Carson, 
               FIVE! I'm so entertained to think of what the next year will bring. Four was a lot of fun, and I'm just not certain it can be topped. I picked the photo above because it is so representative of your crazy little personality. You certainly are full to the brim with it! 

You are a little ham, I think in part because you so admire your Dad, and you know he is funny. You still absolutely love to be like him. If he likes it, you like it. He eats Tabasco, you eat Tabasco. (The green kind is your favorite.) He likes football, you like football. You love to "rough house" with him, and this year he finally gave you a special phrase to say when you are crying uncle- "molon labe"-its Latin and it means "come and take" (it's a gun rights thing) but it is hilarious to hear you say it. One of your favorite things is to climb up on our bed and jump around with your fists up! You are always ready to play.

You love your toys, too. This year "super heroes" are your favorite, and you know the names of all of the Avengers, as well as the theme song to the cartoon. You play for hours with your Imaginext toys- all the super heroes and Star Wars, too. You still love to sword fight, but now you have added Thor's hammer and Nerf guns to your arsenal. You love sports, too. You are always begging your Dad to play baseball or basketball. You spend hours running around outside, or riding your bike or scooter. You love pretty much anything that is typically "boy"!

But you have a really tender heart, too. You are always worried about other people- and so ready to share. You always offer me and your Dad a bite of anything you are eating. You like for things to be fair, but it goes both ways-it isn't always just about you. You love babies and littler kids, and are always willing to hold a baby, especially your cousin Gwendalyn! You love to call people nicknames (which sometimes aggravates your friends!) because you want them to know how much you like them.

You have your own opinions about a lot of things, especially your clothes. You have a pair of black, velcro Converse that you have practically worn to pieces. You truly wear them every day, even though you have a dozen other pairs of shoes in your closet! You love to wear a zip-up hooded jacket all the time, even to bed. And don't even get me started on your skinny jeans! Your Dad really doesn't like them, but your "tight pants" are your favorites! You wore huge holes in your two most loved pairs, so I had to get you some more. You love fun socks, too, and don't care if you wear your Christmas ones in March. You have Star Wars, and Cars, and Ninja Turtles, and tons of pirate ones!

You are learning so much. You have learned how to draw people, and write your name, and you are starting to read. You are doing really well, and are so particular with your letters, practicing them over and over on the white board. When you are really proud, you save it so your Dad can see it when he comes home for lunch. You are doing so good counting and adding. You often listen to Josie's history and science lessons-and then answer the questions for her! 

You are doing so well in Awana, too. You are all finished with your Cubbies books- and your vest is full! You love to listen to the Bible at night, and your favorite story is "Deborah and Barak"-you can practically recite the version in your storybook Bible. You listen well in Sunday School, you can almost always tell me what your lesson is about. The stories about soldiers and fighting are your favorites!

You took ice skating lessons for the first time this year. You loved it! You were your teachers' favorite because you are such a quick learner. Your goal is to play hockey, but I will be honest, that makes me a little nervous! I think maybe tee ball- something where you are a little less likely to lose teeth.:)

You are my cuddle bug and I hope that doesn't change. I love how you snuggle up next to me when I am in bed in the mornings, or sitting on the sofa. We went to the movies today, and you sat in my lap. I won't lie-that makes me happy. You will soon be too tall, so I am treasuring these last few months of that! You are always kissing me!

 I am also happy that you still take naps.I know that won't last forever, but for right now, I think you just use too much energy! You will literally run circles in the living room for 10 solid minutes until I make you stop because *I'm* dizzy! Everything you do, you do it full force. You don't hold back, and I love that.

I'm looking forward to teaching you more about Jesus. You are asking more questions about having Him in your heart, and that just breaks me. You are such a treasure to our family, and I can't wait to see you on fire for the Lord. I pray for you all the time-I know your sensitive little heart will know when the time is right. I plead with the Lord constantly to keep me aware of what you need to hear about Him. 

Your Dad is so good at knowing what you need, too. He really loves you, little guy! He makes sure you know all the "guy"stuff. You both love his Camaro, the "Z" as you call it. You just want to be with him, and you have spent many happy hours watching cartoons together. I think every dad needs a "mini me"-and you certainly are your Dad's!

I just love you so much. I am thankful every day that the Lord knew that we needed you, even when we didn't know it. You are a huge blessing to our family, and I can't imagine it without you. I love you.


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  1. I really know these letters will be a treasure one day. They are one of my favorite things, and I wish I could post about my own kids so eloquently! I am so glad I have got the chance to be with your little guy 3x in the last year:) He really is super special!



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