Friday, April 12, 2013

Teacher Thank-You: Handsoap Set

Is it ever wrong to say, "Thank you"? I tell my kids, "better to just tell people "thanks!" for everything! I just think there isn't enough gratitude in the world. However, gratitude does *not* need to be expensive! 

I like to come up with unique things, and I had seen several Valentines floating around Pinterest that said "I was "soapin'" you'd be my Valentine". Well, I didn't think my kids' friends would appreciate hand soap, and I made all my friends homemade hand scrub, so I shelved the idea. 

But now the school year is ending, and even though we homeschool, there are plenty of people to thank! Starting with my kids' Awana leaders. I treasure those people. They not only impart God's Word to my little guys each week, they allow Joel and me a much needed (and otherwise unaffordable) "date night" each Wednesday! I definitely think that deserves a little more than a round of applause!

So I put together these little "Soapin' you have a great summer" gifts! Here's what you need:

-bottle of hand soap (I went with Bath and Body because I think it is a little more luxurious, but you could certainly use a different, less expensive brand. I had a great coupon to combine with a sale, so they ended up being about $2.50 a bottle-half price!)
-hand towels (I found mine at Walmart, 3 for $3)
-coordinating ribbon
-scrapbook paper
-Avery Round 2" Labels, 22817 (These were pricey, around $1.50 a sheet, so you could definitely skip this part to save money and simply print straight to scrapbook paper or cardstock using the Avery template)
-coordinating scrapbook paper (recognize my leftover paper from these water bottles?)
- 2" circle scrapbook punch (not shown)

First, I made the labels. I used the Avery blank text template that you can find on their website (, if you aren't using the labels, type in "22817" to find the style I used. Then I typed in my little saying, which was my favorite part! It says:

"Your "bubbly" enthusiasm made learning fun. "Soapin" you have a great summer!"

I printed it out onto the labels, and then, using a new version of the same template, I typed "Thank You!" and printed it onto the scrapbook paper. I used my paper punch to cut out the circles of scrapbook paper, and then attached the labels to the back. Easy peasy! 

I folded the hand towels in thirds, and secured them with a rubber band. I then stood them up behind the soap bottles and tied them with coordinating ribbon. I affixed the gift tags with a little clear tape to the top of the pumps. I didn't have enough room to tie them on with a ribbon, but I thought they looked pretty cute just hanging and the tape doesn't show at all.

I thought they turned out pretty cute! If you figure that I only paid for the labels I used then the cost per gift comes in at a little under $4.50 each. I thought that was pretty thrifty. I really hope all the teachers appreciate them, but it will in no way compare to how much I appreciated all their hard work!

P.S.- If you wanted to make this a really cheap, easy gift, skip the hand towel, and simply print to cardstock, without using the labels. It would really only cost you about $2.50 a gift, that way-and even less if you wanted to use something like Softsoap, for about $1 a bottle. :)

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  1. Cute new take on the soap idea! Clever saying too! Noticed you linked all up;) Good Luck!

  2. Super fun idea!! =)
    And yeah, I noticed you were all linked up, too. ;)

    ~ Jen



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