Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Candy Corn" Tulle Wreath

I have seen these tulle wreaths for a while now, and have even helped make one, but I hadn't had a chance to do one myself. I was pondering ideas for a fall wreath, and I decided it would be really cute to do a tulle take on candy corn!

These are so simple to make and only require a few "ingredients"-all from Hobby Lobby:

-An extruded foam wreath, you can use any size you like, but I chose an 8 inch one.
-Tulle in the colors of your choice. I picked traditional candy corn colors-yellow, orange, and white sparkle! I absolutely recommend using the rolls. It is sooo much easier than trying to cut full yardage tulle. HL puts them on sale for half-price and they are only about $2 per roll. I didn't use all of any of the colors except white (sparkle is only sold in 10 yard lengths, versus 25 yds for the regular colors)
-Candy corn ribbon
- I found these fun candy corn decorations in the fall section. They are basically like the hardened "Fimo" clay.

Start by cutting your tulle in 12 inch lengths. I wrapped mine around a ruler and cut it at both ends. It is quick and easy.

I found it easiest to hold the wreath between my knees to keep it steady. I used two layered pieces of tulle. I alternated orange, white and yellow to make it look like candy corn!

All I did was simply tie the tulle on- I didn't knot it. There really isn't any need. The tulle is stiff enough that it stays in place.
I pushed the tulle around as I went to make sure it was nice and full. It is easy to make sure that you end on the right color by simply pushing it closer together.
I made a simple loop bow- I did three figure eight loops and hot glued them to each other. I put a small single loop in the center. I glued two of the candy pieces in the center and then made ties with pieces on each end. I always attach my decorations with straight pins- especially with a wreath like this, I can remove all the components and reuse the wreath!
I used a longer piece of the ribbon for a hanger and it was done! This is such a quick and easy project- I would say it probably only took me about an hour start to finish. And it makes such a "sweet" decoration!:)



  1. I love, love, LOVE the candy corn wreath!! That is adorable...what a great idea! You are so creative! : )

  2. Looks great and you do such good work!!



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