Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

So, if you have ever read any of my previous pumpkin patch posts, and you aren't family (or very close friends) feel free to skip this one. Same pumpkin patch, different year.:) 
But we always have fun. And to me, it is actually really special to get to go to the same patch again and again. I didn't get to do the same things "every year" growing up-although we made plenty of special memories as a family, just in a wide variety of places! Anyway, I just love having our own family traditions, and getting to repeat them each year while watching our kids grow!
It is fun that the design and theme of the corn maze changes each year. This year it was a mining theme, and we searched to find the miners and their equipment. 

Carson was a total cheeseball every time he saw the camera. Josie and Joel, on the other hand, were all business about tracking down the clues. 

The corn this year was huge! I don't know what they are feeding that stuff, but we saw a ton of enormous ears. The stalks were really tall, too. 

The cuties and me in the corn. I love the stalks as a backdrop, and I love how peaceful the maze is. You feel isolated, yet in a serene way. Only cornstalks and blue skies as far as the eye can see...

And this ham! No, we did not pick any corn-I strictly forbid that! This piece was on the ground- great, since it looks like Joel is *actually* eating it!

Carson was in a hurry to get his pumpkin. He ended up choosing a green one (not this one, I somehow missed getting a picture of him with that one!), that looks like the "Squash" from Plants versus Zombies. He got the idea from his Uncle Steve!

Jocelyn was a little more choosy. She went for a traditional orange one.

One of Joel's favorite parts was the pigs. He was very enamored of them. I am sure they were handy to have around the farm to take care of all of the overripe pumpkins!

So, I picked a red pumpkin and a white one. And then as we were leaving ,literally- as we were pulling away in the car, I decided I *had* to have this gigantic pumpkin! Joel hopped right out and bought it for me-much sweeter than a bouquet of flowers, I think. My giant pumpkin is holding court on my porch right now over all the little pumpkins, and he makes me happy every time I see him. Joel too.;)
And we put a big check mark next to our annual family visit to the pumpkin patch!


  1. I think at this point in our lives and marriages yes, that is just as, if not sweeter than, flowers :)

  2. Carson has looked particularly adorable in all his pictures recently! Love him! And Josie is cute as always. Mom, Aunt Dawn and the kids went to Greenbluff today and I didn't get to go! But it's fun to look at your pictures and theirs! And they picked me out a tiny pumpkin. I always pick the smallest one!



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