Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Pink Baby Shower

 I wanted to post this shower, even though my participation was more limited than usual. Usually I spend several weeks planning and creating, but since I had been at my mom's house for over a month I wasn't able to be involved as much. However, it was  a sweet, simple shower that was especially fun to help with since the mom is expecting her first girl, after having three boys!
 Sarah came up with the theme (and did most of the work) but I put together the simple pennant banner (inspired by this shower). It was just scrapbook paper with holes punched at the top corners threaded onto pink ribbon. The wire birdcage in the middle is from Hobby Lobby. It was a great deal for $5. The handkerchiefs in the center are mine- they are antique and belonged to my great grandmother!
 I hunted the internet over for a bird silhouette. I finally found this one, but I had to cut out the wing separately so I could position it to point outward.  It's just scrapbook paper, too. The clock actually belongs to Christy and is part of her regular decor, but it worked perfectly with the theme.
 Sarah usually makes the invitations, and often frames one to use as part of the party decor. This one had really sweet lace and pearl beading on.  We draped real pearls over some vintage china pieces she brought. I loved the romantic touch that floating candles add. There is something irresistible to me about the combination of flames and water!
 She wrapped a pink doily (I got those from Target after Valentine's Day for a steal!) around a vase filled with faux hydrangeas. We used scrapbook paper as a "runner" on the buffet, which we covered with a lace tablecloth. Christy, the hostess, even tinted the fruit dip pink!
 I have to say, I have gotten my money's worth many times over from that cake plate. It turns over into a punch bowl, too, so it was a steal at $10-from Walmart! We usually use disposable dishes, but we were able to borrow glass ones from our church that were a much better fit.
I need a cupcake stand! This one is Sarah's and it is definitely worth its weight in gold. Christy and her friend frosted the cupcakes and Sarah added edible "pearl" beads. They were gorgeous, and I had fun tinting this photo in Instagram.

It was nice to throw a shower that wasn't as labor intensive, I will post one later of the one we did this weekend. It was a *lot* more work! However, I think this one is a great example of how you can decorate more simply and still have it be beautiful.

Some things I didn't take photos of were the games. I was in charge of those, and we had fun listing girls' names for every letter of the alphabet (harder than you might think!) and tearing "babies" out of paper held behind our backs. I wish I had photos of that one-it was hilarious!


  1. That is such a sweet and girly shower. SO not me, but you knew that already;) Can NOT wait to see the super hero shower!!!

  2. It turned out fabulous! I love the perils and lace.



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