Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Year Blog-O-Versary and an Update

So, I was reading some of my blog posts from when I first started blogging (if you are ever interested my first post is here) and realized that Iwas much better about actually talking about my life in the beginning. That may or may not interest you, but it was really great to have those memories recorded. There was a number of things I had forgotten about (particularly this hilarious incident involving a strange cat) and I realized that this is a good place to see where I was growing. August is the month I started blogging, and believe it or not, this marks THREE years!

I also realized something else (you can look to your right on the blog and see this, but I will recap in case you are lazy and don't want to scroll around the page).

In 2008, I blogged 46 times. In 2009, it was 57. In 2010, 66. This year, 52 times (53 including this post). That may sound good, because each year it has increased. However, let me remind you that I blogged 46 times in the first 5 months! That means I averaged posting right around 2x a week in the first year, and only about 1x a week the next year.

Part of that is easy to explain. Joel deployed in September 2008, and initially I had more time for blogging. Then I started adding things to my schedule and it got crazy. It hasn't stopped. But this is important to me, so I am choosing to make it a priority. And also to record some of the smaller, but just-as-important-to-me happenings.

So, in the name of status updates here is what I have been doing:

1. Physical therapy. Three times a week. Every week. I love it-not kidding. It is relaxing to me to get to simply follow instructions for an hour and nothing else. It is a long, boring story but the short version is: my knee cap is out of place, and I have swelling in the tissue underneath it (and the bursae, for those of you who know what that means). It was causing me quite a bit of pain, and the therapy is really helping. I may have a tear in my meniscus (part of the knee that helps it to move freely), we will find out for sure when I have an MRI in September.

2. Joel is getting out. He will wear his uniform for the last time on August 30th *tear*, followed by about 7 weeks of leave. We have a multitude of praises: two years of commissary privileges, six month extension on health insurance, and last but not least, he will get both a lump sum and (small, but still praise-worthy) monthly payments.

3. He has decided to attend school to become a mechanic. I am thrilled, mostly because I really feel like the Lord is clearly leading in all of this. We still have miles to go before we sleep, but this is a big first step.

4. In other, less life-changing news: Jocelyn has learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! It took her about an hour-she is amazing! Now, every day she begs to ride it. PE-check!

5. I will be starting my second year leading our moms' group at church. I am still completely unqualified, thankfully I serve an amazing God who equips faithfully. I am anxious to focus more attention on that this year, I have tons of ideas and hope I can conjure up some follow-through.

6. We are getting ready to start first grade with Jocelyn. Nothing in my life daunts me quite like homeschooling-I still feel like I am just play-acting, not actually teaching. It is a learning process, and Carson is insistent on starting preschool, so I will probably dabble in that as well. I have almost all my curriculum lined up, I just need to get a schedule together.

That is definitely not "all" we are doing, there is plenty of couponing, and photo-booking, and blog-reading and I am dipping my toes into Pinterest (can anyone say "time-suck"?). Not so much cooking or cleaning. I hope to get something crafty going soon, I am kind of missing it. We are enjoying doing nothing with Joel, lots of 1/2 price floats at Sonic, and going to the movies, and the park-that kind of thing. It has been a good summer, however, I am looking forward to seeing what the next couple of months bring. And doing more blogging!


  1. SO much fun and so many blessings! I always love when you share what is going on in your life, however it always makes me wish I was there to share IN it...

  2. Good job Josie! Hannah started ridding her big bike without training wheels this last week too!

  3. Hurray for Clare being the only loyal blogger in our immediate family! You really do have a gift for writing and I always love reading everything you write. Whether it's about your personal life or not. I love hearing about you and the kids though, and pics of them cause they are so cute! Love you lots!

  4. You do such a good job of keeping up with your 100th post, blogaversary, and all that. I'm terrible about it :( But I did go back and realized I began blogging 8-6-08 (so, just past the 3 year mark) and I have 232 posts. 69 in '08, 69 in '09, 51 in '10 and currently only 39 posts - ooops! Better post a LOT in the next 4 months!

    So glad you're a loyal poster and a loyal reader who makes comments :) Sure miss your mom's comments, but I know she's busy :)

  5. Love your blogs, I am so glad you plan to keep it up! So excited about the blessings on leaving the military! God is so good and an answer to prayers about that. I love you and I am so blessed to have such a super talented granddaughter!

  6. I love reading your blogs & feel even more blessed to call you friend.

    Happy Blog-o-versary!!!

  7. LOVING Pinterest!! Although I have to admit, I'll be stealing ideas more than I will be posting them. ;)

    ~ Jen



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