Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini Doll Houses

My crafty sister comes up with the best ideas. She had the perfect project for the girls to do while the boys went to Medieval Times. Jocelyn loves to paint (although I don't know a 5 year-old girl that doesn't!) and she also loves dollhouses. Robyn had seen these CD rack dollhouses on Etsy and she figured out how to replicate them.

We purchased the CD holders at Michael's. With 40% off coupons they were only about $6! We also purchased a myriad of little wooden pieces to make the people, furniture and accessories. The total for each house was about $10 after all the pieces.

The painting was a huge hit! The houses offered lots of possibilities for customization. The girls definitely took advantage of that. Jocelyn's house was primarily pink-her current favorite color.

We let them paint all their own pieces. The variety of wooden things was amazing. We found the bowls and little bottles (I was thinking for milk- Jocelyn immediately said soda!). The pegs were just right for people-big ones for the adults, little ones for the kids.

My sister creating bedding. She really comes up with the best ideas!

We took the flat rectangles and some spools to make tables. It worked out beautifully.

We also used the rectangles with some little "muffin" peg pieces to make beds. One of my tiny contributions was making teeny pillows for the beds. They were so small! I stuffed them with parts of a cotton ball- I didn't even use an entire one for both pillows!

This is the one of the packages from the wooden pieces, just so you can have an idea.

The girls were so intent on their art. It was funny to see all the special little touches that they added to make each piece their own. They each re-created their own family with the peg people.

Gillyan's was a little more polished than Jocelyn's. She even added a little bald spot to the back of her dad doll's head! We rolled over laughing about that one.

Aren't they so cute? You can kind of see the little pieces I was talking about earlier. They were multi-purpose- the girls also made them into cupcakes and muffins. That is "Gillyan"- don't you like her stylish bob?

My sister used scrapbook paper for the custom carpet. That is the "TV" over in the corner.

The couches were a custom piece by Uncle Steve. Aunt Robyn covered them with paper. I think Jocelyn's whole house kind of looks like a piece of modern art.

The finished products! Jocelyn's house is full of color.

Gillyan's house is a little more put together- you can even see the tiny cupcakes on the table. It was an adorable project. I was surprised at how easy it was-it made me want to make my own! The girls loved being able to make their own design choices, and Jocelyn has played with it for hours since we brought it home. It is a great memento for Josie from our trip to North Carolina.


  1. Oh wow! That is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Love it! Looks like it was a lot of work, but well worth it. And a GREAT price too :)

  2. It actually was one of the funnest things we did! I am so glad we made that memory with the girls. Gilly loves hers and keeps trying to add pieces:/ Hope Josie enjoyed hers too!

  3. Something to remember for a summer when Addi visits - of course when she's a few years older too!!

  4. What an awesome idea!!! Makes me want a little girl to do fun things like that with now.... ;)

    ~ Jen



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