Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Weekend: Part 2

We went up to Rosemont Reservoir on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Joel had been dying to fish there, but by the time we got there it was really too late. It was still nice to walk the trail, though. It is about 1/2 mile each way, but the kids did pretty well. It gives me hope that soon we will be able to go further.

I love this state. Doesn't that just look like a poster or something- it needs a cheesy cliche caption, something like "The Road Less Travelled". The light was perfect for photos.

I loved this shot, too. The kids had a great time running down the hill, they were completely unaware that hiking back up is not quite as fun.

Carson was so anxious to get down there. I think I am going to print this shot in black and white. Isn't it precious?

The reservoir supplies part of Colorado Springs drinking water, so it is pretty pristine. The fishing regulations are extremely strict. I just thought it was such a majestic example of God's grace to us through the beauty of creation.

Joel realized the other day that there are precious few photos with me in them. So he decided to snap a couple. I so got the "can't keep my squinty eyes open for a decent photo gene", thanks to my maternal side. Oh well, hopefully you will be distracted by my cute kids.

Carson was completely enamored of the huge sticks everywhere. And since there was water that was right handy, and plenty of wood, what else was a boy to do?

Jocelyn had to show that she could pick up pick "logs", too.

And, of course, throwing sticks in the water has no age limit for males. This picture is blurry, but it was rather hilarious watching Joel launch them into the water.

Jocelyn, happily watching her splash.

A boy, a stick, water and lots of dirt. I think Carson would have just moved there permanently.

I have been trying to take fewer scenic photos. But these views were just to gorgeous to resist!

A tiny creek that feed into the reservoir. Even the creek was pretty!

The guys finishing up the trail. Carson walked the whole way, which is pretty good for him. He can be a little whiny when he is tired. He was trying to catch up to Josie, so he kind of got fooled into it.

Some of the aspens were leafing and some weren't, but they were pretty either way. It was a nice little drive/hike. I am hoping to do some more of these this summer. It is easy to see beauty of the mountains from down here, but they are even more gorgeous up close and personal.


  1. Wow! Those truly are breath taking photos. Colorado is indeed one of my favorite places. There is no doubt about the beauty of the family in the photos either. What a sweet, precious time for all of you. Glad you took the photos to enhance the memory.

    Jocelyn's stick looks like a stick pony!

  2. Yes, I think that one of Carson would look PERFECT in black and white!!

    I like the blurry one of Joel throwing logs. =) Such fun memories. =)

    ~ Jen

  3. Hmmm....for someone who doesn't like camping this sure looks like a step in that direction!!

    Next vacation better not involve a camp fire & smores...well not without inviting me!!!



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