Friday, March 6, 2009


The truck is in the shop, it has been there since Wednesday. I am definitely getting cabin fever, which is ridiculous. I have left my house both on Wednesday (to go to my friend Kim's) and on Thursday (to go to Awana) but I have not gone anywhere random just because "I feel like it". I didn't realize how dependent I am on that privelege! Don't get me wrong, I am most appreciative to all the people who have given me rides, I am sure I will need more before this is all over. But, one of the prized things about being an adult is going where you want, when you want (at least most of the time). There have been high winds here so we went outside yesterday but couldn't stay out very long and we didn't even try today. I might have gone out walking despite that, but I don't even have a stroller! You would think that I would be working hard being productive around the house but today I have just been a slug.

Jocelyn thinks she is dying because we haven't been anywhere in her mind. I am also suffering fast-food withdrawal. I looove to eat out and the last time I did that was Sunday! That was a very, very long time ago. I defy all the people who say this should make me grateful for my transportation. I have always been very thankful to have a (paid for!) vehicle. I don't even complain (that often) that it only has two doors. I know this will make me more grateful, but I wasn't ungrateful. Anyway, I suppose it is good every now and then to be dependent on the charity of others. I think if nothing else it will make me more aware of others' needs and more anxious to help them. It has also made me realize that no matter how much time I have I still will waste it! :)


  1. OK so, after you sold your car you didn't buy another one, you drive a truck? What kind? Are you planning to get another car or a van? Just curious.

    I can commiserate. When we've had a car in the shop and Cory used the other one, I too felt really house bound. Hopefully it won't be long before your wheels are yours again!

  2. We have a two-door Ford Explorer. I sold my car after it was in an accident. We bought the Ford almost two years ago for Joel and it is now our only people-toter. :)I don't think we will buy a van-not so greatish (to borrow a phrase from Gillyan) in our fine Colorado weather, or very fuel efficient. We are looking for 4-doors and good gas mileage, I have no other requirements!

  3. This comment has nothing to do with your post, but I was just staring at the photo of Katy and Josie in their bowling shoes and it reminded me of how excited Josie would get to see Katy. I loved how Kate came in and Jocelyn excitedly started yelling, "Katy, Katy, Katy, Katy" followed by a darling little jig and a dash to greet Katy. SO CUTE!!!!

  4. I am glad the truck is fixed now. I do know your pain though. Before Steve left we were a one car family and I had to remind myself that there were benefits, but trust me I don't take for granted walking out and jumping in my vehicle!



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