Monday, March 16, 2009

Holiday Spirit!

I recently realized that I love celebrating the little "nothing" holidays as much as I enjoy some of the big ones. I really like St.Patrick's day. I was really disappointed because I have one of those little flag posts (like the ones all the old people have!) on my front step and I couldn't find a St. Patty's flag for it. I have taken to changing my front door decoration for every holiday, too. I also bought the kids shirts for tomorrow. We don't want anyone to get pinched! I like that they are little enough to not mind wearing them. I don't really know what my fascination is; I think part of it this year is that every holiday that comes (and goes) puts us a little closer to Joel coming home! I also love that it gives me a chance to change things around in my house. I don't put out a ton of stuff but I have a few requirements: a place mat for the table, a dish for candy, a wooden sign for the front door and a flag (if I can find one). Oh and we always have static clings in our windows! Josie's job is to put those up;she loves "window stickers". I would make a good preschool teacher in that regard. It also makes me happy to change the background on my blog, I really liked the options they had for St. Patrick's day. Anyway, I will definitely make a great old lady because I will have my dorky sweatshirts and goofy yard signs for every "day" including Flag Day! So, if you want to get in the holiday spirit (whatever the occasion) you are always welcome to my house!

P.S. Just in case you didn't know the tradition of wearing green on St.Patrick's was to show that you were Catholic. Good Protestants are supposed to wear orange-hence my multi-colored clover!


  1. I didn't know about the whole orange/green thing. I might be protestant (well, kind of), but I'm still wearing green. Some things are just tradition :)

  2. I suppose I better round up something green to wear, too. I like the idea of wearing orange, but who knows about that except people who read your blog who aren't going to see me tomorrow. I usually find a few fun things for the kids for every holiday, but I couldn't find anything St. Patrick this year either. Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Since Green is my favorite color I think St. Patties day is fun. However I was excited to find out the tidbit about the orange. It will make me rethink my decor for next year:) You know I also have my door decor and my seasonal candy basket, but maybe I will throw some orange Gerber daises in a vase!

  4. I'm the one who buys the cute holiday attire on the 75% off clearance racks and tries to remember to find it the following year.

    Wouldn't it be fun to have a guest
    "powder room" decorated for each little holiday. Every few weeks the little space would take on a new festive appeal!



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