Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All the Time

Today has been interesting, although lately that seems to be more normal than "normal"! My major frustration has been that our truck has decided not to start (again) but I have decided not to fixate on that. The Lord has used that situation to reveal something much bigger to me. I arrived home (my great friend Susan did not leave me in distress!) and was writing a quick email to Joel in hopes that he would call me. After I sent that I was flipping through my emails and not really paying any attention to them. But I have to tell you first what my email devotional was about. It was entitled "Goodness Under Pressure" and I honestly didn't think too much about it when I read it this morning. However, there was a line in it that said,

"It may be different for you. God's goodness under pressure may show up in a job offer that you weren't expecting. It may be as simple as someone buying you dinner or offering to baby-sit so you can have some time to yourself. Whatever the form, it's His goodness showering you with care in your time of distress. Acknowledging these acts of kindness, which flow from God's heart, builds our character and our faith. Before we know it, our life shines with the brilliance of a diamond that draws others to our God. And that, my friend, is a good thing."

So, because God is perfect, He reminded me of this when I went back to my email because I had gotten one I needed to reply to. My friend from LIFE group (Sunday School) had sent me an email where she said this: "Myself and other ladies in the class would like to provide babysitting services [for you]".

When I went back to reply the full impact of what she had said hit me. What are the odds? That is almost exactly what was in my devotional. And on today, when I am despairing over something that I have no control over? It can only be God. There is no other explanation in my mind, except for His pretty obvious reminder that He is in control. That He is building my faith, and hopefully, also molding my character. He knew that I needed a reminder, even in something seemingly completely unrelated, that He is in charge. I am so humbled, but grateful that He is the God of all things. God is good all the time- I just need to remember that all the time!


  1. Bless the Lord and blessings to those ladies in your SS class. What a wonderful testimony to His goodness in every area.

  2. Oh, I'm so happy for you that you got the reminder you needed, the offer to babysit and a chance to have a little break. God IS good all the time.

    Sure wish I was closer so I could hug on your babies :)

  3. God's goodness to me? You blogged on my Dad's birthday and I am so blessed to have a Dad that is healthy and alive, and a Dad that loves to be involved in my life. Sometimes I think I take that for granted..... it seems like such a little thing, but in reality, it's a HUGE thing!! =)

    ~ Jen



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