Friday, March 27, 2009


I laughed when I checked the weather report today on Yahoo. There it was bold as brass: the high temps, the low ones and the short description of the contents of the day (meterologically speaking) Blizzard. I guess I always associate that term with a bygone era, like the Little House on the Prairie books. Clearly, here in Colorado Springs, it is still an effective description! Truly, it is a little wild to see the snow blowing in a straight line. It is not really piling up on the ground because the wind is blowing too hard. It is definitely making a mess of things, though. I went to toss a bag of trash and I had to change my clothes because in the 6 seconds I was outside I was covered in snow.

I normally will profess to hate the snow, but I have decided perhaps I don't hate it, just strongly dislike. Usually I am angry because I have to cancel plans, or I have to deal with tracking around in it. I don't like to be cold, and I especially don't like to be cold and wet! But this week is Spring Break (poor kids!) so all my usual activities were cancelled already. I stocked up on necessities on Wednesday; so we have just been nice and cozy in our little house. It has actually been really pleasant. I made soup last night and we were all relaxed knowing there is nothing on our agenda. I will be honest and say that I wouldn't enjoy this all the time, or even more than once or twice a year. But, I know it is almost April and there aren't too many more weeks it will do this. Also, we needed a break so a weather-related cancellation wasn't unwelcome! So, as long as the sun shines tomorrow "let it snow, let it snow" today.


  1. Snow days are as close as we get to the world stopping for a moment so we can catch our breath.

  2. No you are not the only one dear who doesn't have a 'perfect' life! Not by far lol It's definitely been a bumpy ride so far but I'm grateful Jon and I have been able to grow together and learn more about each other, and ourselves, through all of this so far. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe if we're having so many bumps in our journey now maybe the next phase will be a bit more smooth? It's a nice thought anyway! Thank you for your prayers; I'll certainly be praying for you and your kiddos and Joel-I can't imagine being away from your spouse for so long!

  3. All these snow storms.....what happened to global warming? Yeah, Al Gore and I need to chat!!!

  4. It is also currently snowing here in the Great Northwest. Although I do not have such an excellent attitude about it. In fact I think it is quite miserable!

  5. I loathe the snow when it blows sideways. I am sure that's something about me everyone knows. But I am like you, I hate it when snow interrupts/cancels my plans.... especially good plans. ;) I do however, love a good snow day every 5 years or so. It's fun to be snowed in for a couple of days.

    ~ Jen



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