Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy Land!

Jocelyn has decided that she is missing out on a major American milestone: a visit to Disneyland. She has a friend who has been multiple times (with souvenirs to show for it!) and we lunched today with a friend who will soon be going to Disneyworld. Jocelyn refers to both collectively as "Bisyland". I have been trying to explain to her: 1. that I never visited either growing up and have become a (mostly) successful adult 2. We do not (choose) to have the money to go now and (most importantly) 3. that is not even in my top 10 places to take a family vacation. I have tried all three tracks unsuccessfully. Today, when she asked again, I replied with a version of #2. She countered with, "My dad has money and I have cash!" She then proceeds to produce $3 from her pocket. Well, more "cash" than I have! I have chosen not to reveal her longing to her father because we would probably promptly schedule a trip!He has been very generous with her lately due to his longing for his best girl (Jocelyn, not me!). Unfortunately for Jocelyn, since I am very anti-establishment, the closest she will get right now is television commercials and our hectic schedule. Our calendar lately could be appropriately christened "Busy Land"! So until they are older (much older!)and we are far wealthier, the Magic Kingdom will have to wait...


  1. Stick to your guns! It was fun but I think your kids would enjoy it more if they were older. Plus I am sure I enjoyed it more due to it being on some else's dime:)

  2. I think there are some cheaper substitutes and many which are much more educational as well as fun when she is a bit older. Should I be apologizing that we traded your trip to Disneyland for a set of Worldbook encyclopedias? We did the same thing for our younger generation, too. Even today, Katy says, Mom can we get a new set of Worldbook and still not go to Disneyland. Perhaps it isn't as expensive as we all think and we should plan to go in 2015 or so?

  3. I'm glad to know it's not just my child who longs to visit Disneyland. Autumn has not only convinced herself we're going, she thinks we're going in the immediate future. She's already making plans.

    I've been more than once, and honestly I loved it. But I agree with Robyn that the kids might enjoy it more when they're older.

    Personally, I've been to a number of 6-Flags theme parks and think they're superior! I guess for now, Autumn will have to make-do with Silverwood :)

  4. I feel Josie's pain - I long to go to Disney too. Greg and I have both been, just not together. =( Maybe this year, who knows!! =) I do agree, they will enjoy Disney when they are a bit older.... that gives you some time to save and do it up right for them. ;)

    ~ Jen



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