Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pollyanna Game

In my mind a list is always a good thing. Since my aunt had a list on her blog (Rachel's Writings) I decided that I, too, would post a list of things on my blog. I gave mine a little twist, though. Since I am generally a complainer I thought I would give a Pollyanna list. Therefore here are 5 things that I am not thankful for, but also what the not-thankful-for things make me thankful for.

1. I am not thankful for runny noses but I am thankful for: kids that are not suffering from a serious illness; the modern wonder that is Kleenex, and also the wonder-drug of Tylenol.

2. I am not thankful for snow but I am thankful for: automatically heated houses; the promise of spring, and cozy blankets.

3. I am not thankful Joel is in Iraq but I am thankful: the Lord watches over both of us; he has been kept safe, and the greatest invention of recent years: the Internet!

4. I am not thankful for bad vision but I am thankful for: contact lenses; great health insurance, and also that I do still have sight.

5. I am not thankful for distance that separates me from my family but I am thankful for: cell phones; Skype to see each other, and our great blogs!

I really try to find the silver lining but sometimes it is nice to be reminded that I need to be thankful in all circumstances. God truly is good all the time!


  1. I guess we know now what we can resort to when we have nothing else to blog about...LISTS! They're wonderful. Cory's cousin 'tagged' me on Facebook to provide a list of 25 curious facts about me. Maybe I'll do that on my blog instead. I'm not sure I want all the FB people knowing those weird things about me - might tarnish my image :)

  2. I like your list :0) I know what you mean though. When I'm bored in class, or anywhere really, I start making lists of many things. Kind of silly really. And I've decided our birthdays CAN still be exciting if we decide to make them. Like this year my girlfriends and I went ice skating and to dinner and it was bunches of fun-You should throw yourself a party, it worked for me! Makes 'getting old' SO much better! ;0)

  3. Lists are a great way to organize the mind.



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