Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pity, Parking Spaces and Prayer

So, as not to waste time on trivial posts like how glad I am to be home I thought I would jump right into my latest gripe. It is a long story, but one that happens to be extremely pertinent to my life right now. Here's the scoop...

I live in a row of "townhouses" to be nice. There are six dwellings that were built altogether in a long structure that, at times, enables me to feel as if not only do I have neighbors but also housemates. Usually it doesn't bother me, as a matter of fact, sometimes it is nice to know that late at night there is other humanity around. However, when it comes to parking I wish I lived in a ghost town. In the wonder that is Army engineering (back when these homes were built in the '40s or '50s) the builders thoughtfully provided parking in a lot to the side of the building. Well, it probably wouldn't be too bad if it was always sunny and 75 degrees, but that is rarely the case here. Also, if I wasn't geographically single it might not be such a strain to haul a toddler, an infant in a carseat, groceries, diaper bag, and whatever sundry miscellaneous toys Josie has dragged along, into the house. So, since it is disagreeable to me to park "all the way" in my assigned space (especially since I am the middle house) it makes since to parallel park in the street no more than 18 ft from my front door. Sounds ideal, huh?

Well, we all know that in this life ideal is rarely occurring in reality. 3 of the 6 houses were empty for about 3 months and parking was wonderful. Now that I have returned home not only are all the houses occuppied, but they are filled with drivers who obviously were not required to parallel park- EVER! Small sedans miraculously increase to take up an area that should fit three SUVs! Also, the occupants of the row of houses across the street think (they are oh-so-wrong) that is closer to park in front of my house than in their own lot (which is closer to their houses than mine is to me). Oh it makes me soo mad! I spend every moment driving to my house plotting about parking. Maybe I should talk to the neighbors? Maybe I should file a complaint? No, it is first-come, first-served. Maybe I should just stay at home. Nope, that won't work, so I start planning my comings and goings for when I know there will be spaces available. Maybe I should pay for driving lessons for my neighbors?

Clearly, obessesed doesn't begin to cover it. Oh, Lord, what have I done? Have I really spent all this time worrying about parking spaces? Was I really ready to confront the neighbors I haven't even met over a spot to put my car? I really am crazy! Then the Lord opened my eyes. If I spent even half as much time praying for my neighbors as I did venting over my parking space (which isn't even mine!) what a world of good I could do! So, now I have decided that every time I think about parking I should pray for my neighbors. That they will be blessed, that they will have parking. That I can be a good witness, better than trivial, inconsequential, earthly troubles like stretches of gravel for vehicles. I was especially convicted that my willingness to be bold enough for a parking spot should be translated into an even stronger desire to confront my neighbors with something that is more than important- it is life-saving- the Gospel. What a tragedy for me to waste my thoughts and energy on something so silly and miss what is really the meaning of my life. Crazy! Thanks Lord for still working with me, even over a parking space.


  1. When those houses were built in the 50's people probably only had one car so that doesn't help the parking now either! I can only parallel park if there's enough space for an ocean liner and if there's that much space usually you can pull straight in!

    Love your attitude though. Maybe if you do spend more time praying instead of stewing the Lord will bless you by mysteriously causing all your neighbors to run out of milk at the same time, thus heading for the commissary just as you're arriving home :)

  2. I know it was really funny watching your neighbor try and park!! And walking isn't the most fun. I do suppose praying is a logical plan for holding in anger and frustration when it comes to dumb parkers! I think that it is irratating and I don't even drive yet!! LOVE YOU ME

  3. Since you love to play the Pollyanna game just think of how many extra calories you will burn making those long extra trips to and from your car:) I am totally with you and honestly not the best person to ask, because I have a drive way long enough for 3 cars and I still get crabby when people park in front of my house! That is MY curb, what are they thinking! So maybe when you pray for your neighbors you could add your deranged sister to that list:)



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