Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Crazy Changes, Changes Making Crazy!

Spending two months away from your home requires an incredible amount of stuff. Christmas always involves accumulating more belongings. Josie's birthday brought gifts. Who can resist clearance sales? Clearly, I had brought home a ton of things from my mom's. We have already been feeling the squeeze of too much stuff since Carson had been born. The choice was clear: get rid of some of the stuff and re-arrange, or get rid of Carson!

Since I'm pretty fond of Carson I have worked since yesterday afternoon to try to make things more livable. I am far from done. I think I am losing my mind! I had to position the full bed I moved from Carson's room into Josie's three times before it finally fit. We wanted a twin bed for her so she would have some room to play but that hasn't been a option. I actually think it will be fine now that I have done it. It isn't ideal, but it will work.

It isn't bad enough that I have completely destroyed my kids' rooms. I also felt compelled to move things around in the kitchen, the living room and the laundry room. I feel like it is a big Rubik's cube. Every move affects all the other pieces. I am getting rid of so many things. I hope that it will allow all of us to enjoy our new things and be able to find all the old stuff! Still, it is feeling a bit overwhelming.However, I hope by the time I am done things will be better. Sometimes you have to make a bigger mess before you can get it all cleaned up!


  1. I thought you were all done messing things up when you left home, but I guess not. I am just kidding ya! You will feel better when you have your nest all cleaned up. Love Ya, MOM

  2. Your new background is very valentiny (not a word, but fitting). I like the picture of the bowling shoes. It was so much fun bowling together. Josie was a natural. MOM

  3. Everytime you post about those delicious kids of yours it makes me miss them like crazy. They are both soooo lovable and I want to squeeze them tight.

    Sounds like you're nesting....maybe you're pregnant through Skype!!! Happy Rearranging!

  4. I think I arrange and then re-arrange things around the house at least a million times a week. It takes me forever because I don't feel I have a knack for decorating - but I do have a knack for organization!! ;)

    ~ Jen



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