Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Begins with the Letter C?

I did the Scattergories questions from my aunt's and sisters' blogs. However, if someone comes up with some more entertaining ones I would be happy to answer them, too. These are kind of boring! You are supposed to answer all the questions using the first letter of your first name. You can't use your own name for any answer other than the first question.

What's your name: Clare
A four letter word: Cute
A boy's name: Carson :)
A girl's name: Chloe
An occupation: Camera man
A color: Cerulean-love it!
Something you wear: Clothes-duh!
A beverage: Coffee-loving being in Seattle-"hoffee" everyday as the kids would say.
Something found in a bathroom: Counters, contact lenses
A place:Connecticut
A reason to be late: Cat got away!

BTW-What do you think of my new wallpaper? I am uncertain as to how I feel about it.


  1. We played Scattergories the other night as a family. It can get pretty hilarious sometimes. You should play "blog tag" with that Scattergories thing. That would be fun!!
    Oh, and BTW, I like the wallpaper. It's different for the holidays(cute different) and easier to read your posts. ;)

    ~ Jen

  2. Almost picked that background myself - before seeing yours!



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