Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Okay, so I have failed yet again. I have let my blogging fall far,far behind. However, as my sister likes to say, "Start where you are." So here I am. I can't think of anything wonderful to say. However, I did want to share what my thought for the season has been. Every Christmas it seems that something about the blessed Story strikes me anew. This year I have been completely humbled by the fact that Christ arrived as a ...baby. I know, you are thinking, "She's lost it! We hear that every year-the whole swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. What's there to think about?" Well, perhaps you have thought about it. I have too, but never as deeply as I have recently.

I have been moved to the point of tears, crying over the fact that my perfect, awesome Savior came to earth as a tiny,fragile, helpless newborn. He had peach-fuzz hair and silken cheeks. He smelled like a baby smelled. The only form of communication He had was the tiny, weak cry of someone who had only just learned how to draw a breath. He couldn't do anything for Himself, but He would do everything for us. How did Mary feel? I am sure in part these thoughts come to me because of my own sweet boy. My heart breaks with my love for him, Mary must have loved Jesus even more. I have such hopes and dreams for Carson (and Josie!) and neither of them is the only Son of the Living God. Whoa! It is truly incomprehensible. But I will praise God for His perfect plan, and continue to be completely overwhelmed by the thought of a precious, precious Baby coming to die for me.
So, there is my cheesy post. I know often the things that seem so significant to me are often elicit responses of "she is so weird" but yet I feel compelled to post this anyway. No one should feel forced to comment but I hope that this Christmas season that you get a new thought about the same wonderful Story, too.


  1. Good post - Isn't it sad how we now feel as though it IS cheesy to really revel in the ACTUAL Christmas story. The facts, the history, the amazing story that only God could bring to reality. I felt the same as I wrote my last post and it does make me sad that even Christians seem to be hesitant to express our true feelings and thoughts about this now worldly holiday. Kudos for expressing yourself truly and well.

  2. I love cuddling so close to a baby, that I can feel the child's warm breath on my cheek. Imagine feeling the breath of Jesus as a baby. I love the song, "Mary, did you know?"

  3. What would better represent new life, a new beginning and freshness than a newborn. Every baby reminds us of those earthly things while the baby Jesus reminds us of those spiritual things like angels, sheep needing a shepherd and how we will someday worship the King of Kings. The Christmas story is so appropriate every day, any day, but is especially refreshing in today's world.

  4. Clare I often think about much I love my siblings and nieces and nephews. They are not even my own, but I love them sooo much. I can't even comphrend how much Mary must have loved baby Jesus! I am so glad though that He came and saved me. This is a really logical post to me. Love You Keck



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