Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Charlie Bob

I had to take a moment to blog about my Josie. She is so funny. I was talking to her tonight and I asked her a question. She told me her answer and I asked her who told her that. She replied, "Charlie". I said, "Charlie, who?". She then says, "Charlie Bob", as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Well, we don't know anyone named Charlie, much less Charlie Bob, so I started asking questions. We soon discovered that Charlie Bob is her friend, he has brown hair and blue eyes and is "berry tall". He lives in Bob (who would have guessed- Lisa Dawn said it must be something like Jesus of Nazareth living in Nazareth!). He loves "chicken nails" french fries, and chocolate milk. No wonder he and Josie are friends! She did also say that his favorite color is blue, which according to her, is her, "last favorite color" (orange is her current fav). Anyhow, I know it is pretty silly but it was just one of those beautiful childhood moments. I hope Charlie Bob sticks around for a while. :)


  1. Oh that is adorable. Good thing you blogged about it, now you've got it permanently in writing to savor for years to come!

    By the way, my vacuum is a DC14 Full Kit (means it has extra accessories to attach when using the wand).

  2. My oldest named her first baby doll "hoo-ka haa-ka". That's been about 15 years ago. I love the memories... just wish my brain held them all better.



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