Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Crab

Today was the much anticipated birthday. I was officially the birthday crab. Pretty much every birthday someone in our family is one and this time it happened to be me. I don't know if it is that birthdays are overwhelming with all the fun and expectations and anticipation but whatever the cause it seems that someone is usually all in a huff. I have to apologize because I was a big, evil beast. 
     I was grumpy because I tried to Skype with Joel (if you don't know what that is ask me later because it takes a while to explain) and it didn't work so well. I felt really guilty because I left Josie with my mom so I could have lunch with my dad and my sister. Then, I didn't really plan anything special or buy her any gifts. That was no one's fault but my own. Joel and I decided that we weren't buying the kids any gifts for their birthdays or Christmas that amount to anything because they have so much. I bought Josie a Barbie doll from her brother and that was it. Trust me though, thanks to my very generous parents and sisters she wasn't lacking for anything. I think her day turned out well for her in the end. 
     I am just sorry for my bad attitude. I am thankful that she won't remember it when she is older. The Lord is always trying to teach me that I am never glad that I have had a bad attitude. I just regret it sooner or later. I should learn that no one expects perfection of me but me. It is really ridiculous to take out my frustrations with myself on everyone else. I will just keep praying and maybe someday I'll get it right the first time!


  1. You're right, she won't remember it when she's older. Just by making this post though, you've acknowledged your bad attitude and have probably already mended your ways! You're so wise like that :)

  2. We all have bad days and are crabs sometimes. Don't you worry about it. The good thing is that you are right - she probably won't remember it when she's older! =)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ~ Jen



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