Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here Comes the Wagon Train!

So, I am finally here at my sister's, hence the lack of posting. However, she went away for the weekend and I am here with four children by myself. Not a big deal for other people, but a little frightening for me since often I struggle to control my own two offspring! Surprisingly, or more likely the result of A LOT of prayer, things are going well. Gillyan caught a little bit of a stomach bug and made a lovely mess on the floor of her brother's room but other than that, the last 24 hours have been rather uneventful. I did have a precious moment this morning that reminded me that the Lord did give me a few tricks when it comes to having kids.

Carson was being a little crabby; he hasn't adjusted seamlessly to sleeping in the pack and play. Normally at home he gets in his bed for nap and spends a few minutes cooing at the ceiling and then goes to sleep. That hasn't been the case here. Since the kids were all up and playing (noise, of course, being the natural result of interaction between kids aged 3, almost 5 and 6) I didn't want to just throw him in there because I assumed he wouldn't be able to put himself to sleep. My sister is an immaculate housekeeper and the house is already showing wear and tear from just a short absence on her part and I was worried that if I didn't at least make an attempt to put things back together that by tomorrow they would be beyond repair. What to do? Carson is too big to tote on my hip for more than a few minutes. Then I spied the laundry basket that is serving as his make-shift Bumbo seat (boy, I miss that thing!). Then for once in my life I had a creative thought. I put Carson in the basket with a bunch of blankets, pulled a long blanket through the handle on one side and presto! instant wagon. I did laundry, put away toys and picked up the kitchen while pulling him behind me. I also got some sweet pictures once he fell asleep-clearly the best benefit of a laundry-wagon. It made me feel good to know that I could do something special for him.

Anyway, I am sure everyone who is reading this is feeling sorry for my poor children and their creatively-disabled mother/aunt. They don't seem to mind though, and that is the beauty of children. A couple of orange sodas and some games of Chutes and Ladders have elevated my aunt status. Josie doesn't even care if I am here or not since "Giddian and Gillian (she says it Gill-e-un)" are here. So, as long as I go fix lunch soon I think we are all good!


  1. Just like baby Moses in the basket. How cute is that?! Can't wait to see you all. Be safe, and you're in our prayers!

  2. Great minds think alike! I also thought of baby Moses in the basket. Just think how many kids we will have here, hmmmm, only 8. How creative can we be? I've already got a crafts person assigned. Can't wait to see you all! Love, MOM

  3. I think you were delightfully creative! I honestly don't know if I would have thought of that but that may be my lack of mom experience haha

  4. How funny!! I used to pull Brian around in both a laundry basket and empty diaper boxes when he was little. I'd stuff him in there with big fluffy blankets and lots of toys. Great minds MUST think alike! ;)

    ~ Jen

  5. Cade has pushed, pulled and "zoomed" our laundry basket several hundred miles trying to get Faith & Brielle to fall asleep in days past. He'd use throw pillows for support. What happy memories I know you're making for all!

  6. Hi Clare, that's a bonding moment you had with the kids... :)



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