Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Answer is "Yes"

So I will let you in a common conversation between my daughter and me. It goes something like this (tonight we were in the car on the way home):

"Mom, can I watch George Monkey?"
"Mom, when we get home can I watch George Monkey?"
"When we get home can I watch T.B.?" (this is how Josie refers to the television)
"Yes, Josie"
"What, Josie?"
"Can I watch George on T.B.?"
"Didn't I just say yes?"
"But mom, just listen, listen to me!"
"I'm listening Josie, and I said yes."
"Okay, Mom, but can I watch George?"

I'm not kidding-that is pretty much how the conversation proceeded verbatim. I spent the rest of the time on the way home pondering why she feels compelled to continue asking when I have already said yes. Then it got me to thinking. I wondered if God ever feels that way about us. He must look at us as we continue to question and nag Him about things He has already promised us. I was really struck today by Hebrews 4:16 which says, "Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and and find grace to help us in our time of need." Whoa! I don't have to be afraid of God, I don't have to keep questioning Him. I can be CONFIDENT, completely assured, that He will keep His word.

Sometimes, I think Josie asks because she is afraid I will change my answer. His "yes" is always "yes" in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3). I know other times I think she asks repeatedly because she thinks (and sometimes with me it is true) that I am not listening. He is always listening-and He always cares! Then other times, she asks because she is not listening to me-how often that is true in my own life. I would not cling tightly to my load of worry and care if I really rested on His promises. I also think sometimes she nags because I have said yes but she has not seen immediate results. Oh, how I need to be still and allow God to work in His perfect time. Thank You, Lord for helping me to see myself through Josie. Allow me to be as patient with her as You are with me.


  1. Once again your "devotional" blog amazes me. What a wonderful, thought provoking post.

    How many times have I been guilty of asking God to repeat His answer. More often than not, I'm sure I just wasn't paying attention when He answered!

  2. well, Josie just made sure she have your complete permission. I enjoyed reading your post , Clare.

  3. I hope some brilliant company comes out with the idea of publishing blogs into books. What a wonderful gift it would be to your children, grandchildren and many others to have your thoughts and ponderings bound for keeps.

  4. that is very insightful my dear and oh how true

  5. I think God and I have some of those SAME conversations. =)


  6. Lara,
    I always love it when you refer to Josie in your post. I can totally hear the conversation you had in the car in my head. And as I read the beginning my thoughts were already headed down the same path yours were. I do so often want God to reaffirm his answer and I am so impatient to see the promised result. Tell Josie thanks for making us once again think about how God must view us as his children:)Love ya~Me



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