Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Party: "Creative" Favors!

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Ever since I was little I have *loved* party favors. Probably for a couple of reasons: they include candy, they are a reminder of a fun time, and the usually including "mini" items! I love anything tiny.:) I usually try to stick pretty close to the theme when I do party favors, without being boring. The favors for my niece's "Art Party" were definitely not!

We really wanted things that inspired creativity and fun-and were also colorful, just like the party. My sister and I decided to put in lots of fun things.

From the Dollar Tree:
-a mini note pad
-candy in little "paint pots"- these containers were sold several to a package and we split them up and filled them with Nerds and Jolly Ranchers
-Pixie sticks

From Party City:
-a mini stamp
-a mini stamp pad
-mini colored pencils
-Fun Dips (as close as you can get to "art" with candy!)
-a stencil
-Bendy sticks- these are wax covered, bendable sticks that have a light tackiness so they will hold to surfaces, they are really fun!
-the polka dot/striped gable boxes

I believe we bought the mini Play-Dohs from Walmart or Target-they are usually in the party section.
I would have totally been thrilled to take home a box full of cool stuff like this when I was kid! We also had plenty of creative "outlets" during the party, too-and *tons* of totally "original" decorations. I can't wait to show you the rest! But here's a sneak peek of the boxes as part of the table setting:

 It was so festive and colorful-any little artist's dream!;)

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  1. I forgot how cute her party was! Such a blur, with Gwen only being a week old at that time:/ Have I mentioned how I owe you HUGE for being there, and donating your creative prowess? Send me the tab;)

  2. Looks like a fun party. I love the favor boxes - so clever, and super cute.

  3. I hereby put you in charge of my next baby shower.... ;) You come up with the CUTEST ideas!!

    ~ Jen



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