Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Art Party: The Big Reveal

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We've covered some of the snacks, and the favors, but there is still lots of "Art Party" to see! The choice for the theme was a no-brainer: my niece not only loves to appreciate art, she is quite the little artist. Her art was the inspiration for the party and also served as the bulk of the decorations!

I set up a backdrop for the "gallery" by using brown kraft paper behind the table. I taped three pieces together on the wall, and then placed different works by my niece on them and free-handed "frames" with a black Sharpie. It was a great way to show off all the pieces that she is so proud of!
She is so prolific I also had enough pieces for another "installation"! I ran a line of string and used clothespins to display more. She has taken several courses of art classes-and it paid off! I also put up a few actual canvases that she painted.

I wrote up a little "critique" for her party as a joke. I had set up the wall and titled it "Gillyan's Gallery" and so I figured any major opening deserved a little press!

We set up the food nearby, and used some more art to anchor it. We found paper fans that coordinated with the party colors and hung them above.

For the food we kept it simple, it was an afternoon party, so we didn't need anything too extensive. We did fruit and dip, and pretzel rod "paint stirrers", cheese sticks "crayons"-they came in packaging that had crayons on it! I served the Rice Krispy "paint brushes", and mini cupcakes as sweets. We offered them bottled water (I wrapped it with scrapbook paper) and mini orange sodas.

The girls each had painter's palettes to use as plates. They were $1 each at Micheal's and so perfect! Josie had no problem loading her's up!
 Each girl's place setting consisted of her favor box, the painter's palette plate, and a tiny canvas on a stand. That was the first activity-they used Sharpies to "paint" their canvasses.

We set up a long table and covered it with kraft paper for the other activity. We hung up this cute pre-made banner (I think this it the only banner I've ever decorated with that I haven't made!) and some whirly streamers that we got from Target.

The girls decorated their canvasses, and also the aprons that were part of their favors. We picked up the canvas aprons at Micheal's and it was so great that they were dual-purpose: activity and favor!

Wearing their freshly decorated aprons, each girl painted a little ceramic figurine. They were incredibly detailed and it was another great take-home project.
The last activity was a clay-modeling game. The girls created different things with their dough-they had a great time. This is Josie's pizza-I think!

The girls all had a wonderful time creating and crafting and everyone went home with lots of personalized goodies! Everyone loved all of Gillyan's art, and I think she was very pleased with all the recognition and compliments. It was the perfect party for a budding artist!

Want the rest of the "Art Party" details?
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  1. I'm kinda jealous. I don't just want a party FOR me, I want one ABOUT me, like Gillyan's :) She's a great artist. It must run in the family somewhere, because Cayla got the drawing gene as well. What a talented family we have!

  2. Hi Clare! I love theme parties and this one is so cute. The painter's palette plate is such a good idea. Love the yummy treats on the food table as well!

  3. Hi Helen-
    I can't take credit for the plates-it was my sister's idea. We make a good team, though!It was a really fun theme to work with. Thanks for stopping by.:)

  4. Okay, now this is super cute and looks like so much fun. Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!

    1. Thanks for having me! I really appreciate all your hard work.



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