Friday, February 8, 2013

Washi Tape Valentine Art

 I am obsessed with washi tape (paper tape). I love the concept, and the colors, it is just the easiest thing to work with! I have been dying to be crafty lately, but was feeling uninspired. I was trolling the interwebs when I came across this adorable washi art from "My Sister's Suitcase". It was for spring, but I knew it would be so easy to make it suit my needs.

I purchased washi tape from Target back before Christmas. I had received some as a gift and I fell in love, but hadn't really had the chance to use it; and then I purchased three more rolls when it was on sale in December. It was calling my name and this was the perfect opportunity!

 Here's what I used:

-washi tape: just in case you are the only one who isn't familiar with this stuff, it comes in four packs (the four rolls I have above came together) for $4. This project only uses a tiny bit.

-run of the mill contact paper

-something to trace, I used cookie cutters

-embellishments, I used buttons (these cute little jars are only $1 at Michael's!)

-something to adhere your embellishments. I "heart" glue dots!

-scrapbook paper, not shown. I used a silvery gray 8 1/2x 11 piece from Hobby Lobby (left over from this wreath)

-frame, 8x10 is perfect if you are backing with letter size paper, you will only need to trim it a little to fit.

I had all these supplies on hand, so this project was free to me. I reuse this poor frame all the time-this is the third thing it has had in it in the last three months. Yay for $3 Walmart frames!

First, trace your shape onto the *back* of the contact paper. You are essentially making a "sticker" with your washi tape, so that will go on the front of the paper. Then when you remove the contact paper backing, you will have your washi tape on the front and the sticky part on the back!

I went over my designs with a permanent marker to make them show through to the front. Remember that your image will be reversed when you flip the paper over, so if you were doing a letter or something you would want to trace it backwards.

 See how you can see the shapes through the paper?I used water bottles to hold down the edges of the paper, since it has a tendency to curl.

Cover your shapes with washi tape! It is so user friendly, I could pull it up and place it over and over. I overlapped mine, not placing it perfectly straight because I liked the handmade look it gave it. If you haven't noticed yet, yes, I changed my mind about the shapes and switched from one large and two smaller hearts to four smaller hearts. But this project was so quick it didn't even matter!

 I realized as I was typing this that I forgot to take photos of this part. I know it probably seems completely self-explanatory to most of you, but just in case, you have the washi tape front, and the backing from the contact paper. I decided to use my big heart from earlier to show you how it is done.

Peel off the backing and you have a washi sticker! I found the scrapbook paper to be pretty forgiving, I could pull my stickers up and reposition them. I plopped this heart in the middle of the paper.

And then used some more tape to give it a little flair! I didn't use anything but tape on this one. 

I used glue dots to place the buttons on this one. They hold securely but they don't add bulk like hot glue does, and they are much faster! Since I was planning on putting the glass back in the frame, I also knew it wouldn't need to be super permanent, as the glass would help keep it protected.

And this is the second one. This whole project takes about 15 minutes, if that. It probably would have only taken me about 5 minutes to put the second one together. It was a perfect last minute craft! Have a happy heart (art) day!


  1. So cute. I am loving Washi Tape as well. I actually own some, but have yet to use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oops, forgot to log out as the blog admin for the church site :)

    Love, RD

  3. I was cracking up over how RD left a comment as "Blog Admin"! Cute little project:) I must be the only person in the world who doesn't own any washi tape yet:/ Must rectify immediately so I can make cute quick crafts like my sister!:)

  4. Robyn is not alone, I have never had any washi tape either!
    cute project!
    happy valentine's day!



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