Monday, January 10, 2011

"Snow" Easy

Isn't that a tasty and delicious looking dish of ice-cream? Would you believe that I made it out of...snow?! I know, everyone has heard of snow ice cream. But I had no idea it was so easy- or tasty!
I looked on the internet for recipes. Most of them called for heavy cream, condensed milk, or half and half. I didn't have any of those things on hand. Quite a few called for raw eggs, and I wasn't comfortable serving that to the kids. I saw a couple that just called for vanilla, milk and sugar, but I was worried that might be grainy. Then I hit upon an idea: we had eggnog in the fridge from the holidays. I figured that would work well- and it did! After all, eggnog is eggs, milk, sugar and spices, right? My very simple recipe ended up being:
Eggnog Snow Ice Cream
1 c. eggnog
6 cups clean snow
Mix until well blended. Serve (or freeze) immediately. Serves 4 generously.
Fun, huh? I liked the really creamy consistency. To ensure that I had really clean snow, I set out a plastic bowl last night on the back steps. Although, this is probably not a great recipe if you are a germ-o-phobe!

Snow- the perfect setting for snow ice cream. Isn't it pretty?

The kids really enjoyed it and they thought that it was great fun that it was made out of snow. Since there was a considerable amount of snow in it , it really didn't taste too eggnog"gy".

Carson, sampling his.
So, that's it! Our first taste of snow ice cream. I am sure we will be making more- it is the perfect kid-friendly recipe, since it doesn't require beaters, or anything raw. I think we will probably try a more traditional version next time, but for now the eggnog saved the day!


  1. I was just thinking about trying out Snow ice cream today, since we got a a good three inches here! I don't have eggnog, so I may have to look up a recipe with whipping cream... Your picture was GORGEOUS by the way:)

  2. Never heard of snow icecream, but it looks tasty. Glad it was easy to--way to be inventive with the ingredients too!



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