Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving Memories

I can't seem to find my creativity. My mind has been full of so many things. Mostly it has been consumed by thoughts of moving. We decided several months ago (due to Joel's impending release from the Army for medical reasons) that we would move off-post in the beginning of 2011. There are several really boring, but practical reasons, for this choice. I won't share them here. Anyway, we decided that we would target February as the month we wanted to be in our new place. It would be more exciting, but we decided to downsize in order to save money. If you know anything about our house at all- it is tiny. We have a living room connected to our tiny dining room, a kitchen, a SINGLE bathroom, three bedrooms and that is it. The only "surplus" area is the laundry room- I did not appreciate that space like I should have. We have limited closets, but now that we are looking at apartments, I see how much room we really have!

I don't love this house but now that leaving it has become a reality, it is harder than I thought it would be. We have been married for almost 8 years. We have lived in this house for 3 years- it would have been 4 if we had stayed until April. Almost half of our married life has been spent here- we haven't lived in any other place longer than a year. This house has a lot of memories for me: it has been Carson's only home, and really the only one Jocelyn can remember. I know it is not the place that makes the memories, but it still puts a lump in my throat.

We haven't done too much; there is definitely still miles to go before we sleep in our new home. We have purchased some moving boxes, made our last call to maintenance to have a few things fixed before we turn in our 30 day notice sometime today or Monday. I have been purging and downsizing for a while now in anticipation that we will be losing space. I have sold things on Craigslist, given things away to friends, and this week alone I have donated two bags of things to Goodwill. There is still so much to do...

However, there is much to be thankful over. I am glad that we aren't leaving the Springs (yet- I am secretly hoping it won't be later either!) and this may be an opportunity to move to the "good" side of town! Joel will be making this move with us- we aren't relocating because he is deploying! I am trying to look on the positive side- I guess it is kind of like graduating from high school. So many memories to leave behind, so much uncertainty in the future. But it is full of possibilities and I have peace knowing that the Lord is leading.

But it is certainly stymieing my writing, which is aggravating me more than probably anyone else. So be patient if my posts seem scattered or few. I am hoping things will be back to "normal", whatever that is, in about six weeks. Until then, keep us in your prayers...


  1. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is to move w/ two little ones muchless having to downsize in the process! Most certainly there are positives but sometimes we are so overwhelmed it is hard to remember them (as it is with much in life). I hope you are able to quickly make your new abode a home to you all and I'm sure you will. I have a hard time thinking about leaving our house now because it's where we came home to after we got married, brought home our first child, etc. Like you there are many memories. But there are so many more memories to be made everywhere you go~Which you know well as a military brat/wife! Good luck w/ the move and all that is on your to-do list~We look forward to updates as you're able :)

  2. Sorry I can't help you with this move Lara:( I am sure you will find some darling little apartment and make it homey in no time. Plus you are inspiring me to purge:P If you are desperate you could always come stay with me...

  3. OOOH...there are TONS of places to rent by me! It's the good side of town & they have 3 bathrooms. Only down side is 2 bedrooms--so Carson would have to share with Josie :(. Did I mention 3 bathrooms & a walk in closet? You should look into them--we could be friends & neighbors (this thought is EXTREMEMLY appealing to me!)

  4. Our house is for sale!! (We live by Kristan too) ;) BUT, not for much longer, but for many reasons, I can't make things public yet. Ugh! But we're packing up too - fun stuff! Can't wait to see where you're moving! You should have a house party! ;)

    ~ Jen



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