Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Grab My Button-NOW!

I am proud to announce the blog accessory you have all been longing for: a Clare's Contemplation blog button! I know, I know, now your life is complete. Anyway, I just wanted you all to be notified. If you have been looking at my blog at all over the last couple of days, I apologize, this is actually the third version. The first was ugly (it was really only a test version) and the second had a huge glaring typo. They are A LOT of work for someone who has no knowledge of HTML or CSS (that would be me) so I am guessing I will keep this one for a while. Just in case you were wondering, the silhouette is actually of Jocelyn. Kind of cool, huh? I wanted a photo that wouldn't compete with the wording. If you have any suggestions about making it better, let me know, and if you love me, you will put this on your blog. Just kidding-sort of.



  1. SO CUTE!! I LOVE it!! I'd grab it, but you're already on my "list" of blogs I read. Plus, I'm not sure how it would fit with my blog theme. At least you're on my page though!! ;)

    ~ Jen



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