Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cozy Christmas

Jocelyn has been really blessed with not one, but two, exceptional teachers at church this year. And while both she and Carson have good teachers at Awana and also on Thursdays during my women's Bible study, these two ladies are beyond compare. So I really wanted to bless them with a special gift. While I would have loved to have given $50 giftcards (and I am sure they would have appreciated those!) that wasn't really in the budget. I also wanted something a little more interesting than the usual food gifts. So here is what I came up with:

I called it a Cozy Christmas Kit and I included:
-a fuzzy fleece blanket (that is the rolled up red thing)
-a fun Christmas novel
- a CD of Christmas music
- a Christmas mug filled with hot cocoa fixings

I figured they could turn on the CD and snuggle under the blanket with the cocoa and the book by the light of their Christmas tree. Sounds good to me!
Since the gift was for Jocelyn's teachers I wanted her to have a part. She personalized the labels for the hot cocoa packets. I also included some chocolate/vanilla marshmallows and some candy canes to use as stirrers. These are the things that are inside the mug. As a finishing touch we also included one of the cinnamon ornaments we made last week. It was a big hit and thanks to some great deals at the Christian bookstore everything was a really good deal. I thought it was a little more fun than a $5 giftcard to Starbucks.

Joel also procured our Christmas tree this week! I am a die hard "real" tree lover. Although, we get our tree as a gift through "Trees for Troops"- if we had to pay for it I might be won over to the "fake" tree side. The tree we got is an 8 ft. Douglass fir and it is HUGE! The kids were delighted to decorate it. Carson loved these "tiny gloves" (they are actually little mittens that are a tree ornament!) and insisted on putting them on to help decorate.

Jocelyn was adorable- she wanted everything to be just so. One of her cinnamon ornaments is front and center- that was the first ceremonial ornament. She had to get a chair so she could be sure to get the decorations all the way to the top.

This is the box of ornaments before they went on the tree. Joel said it looked like a mass snowman grave. I had never thought of it that way but it is a little morbid...
So that is a little of our week. Does anyone else have any fabulous ideas for gifts? I am looking for something really special for Carson's Puggles teachers- it is a husband and wife team (there daughter sometimes helps, too) so I would kind of like it to be a family oriented gift. I am all created out- I have already hadto do gifts for our Thursday workers (Chick-Fil-A giftcards!), Carson's Sunday School teacher ( fuzzy Shea socks and another filled mug) and two gift exchange gifts. The limited creativity is waning so I am open for ideas.:)


  1. What a clever gift idea for a teacher you love. If you're looking for family gifts, of course movies, or games would be excellent. Something the whole family could watch/play together. Or gift cards for a delivery pizza place would be fun too.

    I know it's cold, but what about a jar of fudge sauce, an ice cream scoop and a gift card to Baskin Robbins, or some other ice cream place?

    There's always the trusty, bucket loaded with movie, popcorn, sodas and candies.

    OK, I'm out of ideas. Hope you find something wonderful and clever for your kiddos teachers!

  2. Hey you knocked my $5 dollar giftcard!;) I truly don't have many family ideas, however a cake stand with goodies on it would work... I loved the idea of the blanket and cozy gift! Sure I will steal/duplicate that one soon. I LAUGHED my butt off over Joel's comment! Sure gonna miss you guys in Illinois this year:(

  3. I love the word "procure." I have NO idea why.... so it made me smile when you used it. =)

    Cute ideas! And I also love a real tree. Wish we had one most of the time. =(

    ~ Jen

  4. Very cute! I love the tree and Joel's snowman grave comment made me laugh! How wonderful and thoughtful of you to put together these nice gifts for the kids' teachers! Your tree looks super good!

  5. Very nice! Joel's comment about the snowmen cracked me up...BOYS.



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