Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Carson, on His 4th Birthday

Dear Carson,
                   Who knew four meant that you were already a little man? I look at pictures of you and know that you aren't my little chubby cheeked baby anymore. However, you are a dear and precious (often precocious!) preschooler.

    You are learning and growing so fast! This last year you learned how to ride your bike, started doing "school" work, and just today you learned to swing. You love to play baseball with your dad, but then again you pretty much love doing anything with him. You love to sit and watch "Voltron" or "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" with him, because you love to be with your "Big Daddy".

   He does your hair for you, (although sometimes you do it yourself-which is too cute!) in two styles: shark hair
This is shark hair

Or dude hair:

I love that you still mimic your dad so often. It is so fun to see him teach you how to be a gentleman. You love holding doors and will stand there as long as there are people coming through.

You are a big helper in a lot of  ways. When your dad and I teach in your Sunday School class, you love to carry the big bottle of hand sanitizer around at snack time so that everyone can "wash" their hands. You also love to be the line leader. It is easy to see that many of the other kids look up to you!

You love to spend time with your friends, and have really learned how to play with others. Even though sometimes you antagonize (especially your little friends who are girls!) you still love to help and share. When you collected your Easter eggs on Sunday, you came outside to give me a piece of your candy before you even had any for yourself! I love your gentle, giving spirit.

You have really learned how to draw. Almost all of your people- even Mommy, have "shark" hair and it is just the cutest thing ever! I was so sad that the first time your drew our family it was with dry erase marker! However, I think I will have plenty of them to save in the future. This is your self-portrait:

You are really learning about the Bible, too. You love going to Cubbies (after you actually get started) and memorizing the verses and singing the songs. You know lots of Bible stories, but your favorite is "Barak and Deborah" because they fight with swords! You can repeat the whole story almost word for word.

You love all swords: pirate, knight, it doesn't matter. You carry your beloved "Swordie" around all the time- in the back of your shirt. You even sleep with it at night. I had to fight your dad on that one, he didn't want to let you. But it is so cute to see you sleeping with it down the back of your pajama shirt, while you clutch your best friend Monkey.

I just love what a boy you are! You are so sweet and loving, but you still play rough and hard. I am going to miss you sweet toddler years, but I know that there is still so much fun to come. I can't believe how grateful I am to the Lord for you. He knew that I needed you, and you are a blessing beyond my wildest imaginations. I can't believe that I get the privilege of being your Mom. I pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom to help you grow in the knowledge and love of Him every day. I love you, my little Carson boy.


  1. These letters to your sweet boy will be one of the best gifts you could give him. Memories become so sweet as you grow older. He will love and appreciate the peeks into his past.

    We, too, are grateful for the blessing that Carson is to all of us. We love each of you for so many different reasons.

  2. Clare, your letter is so sweet and precious and makes me proud of you. what a special mommy you are.

  3. I miss Carson. "Is it hot?" and "Where's the dog?"

    Such a funny little man. Can't wait to see him again!



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