Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

   I promise, this will be the last of the Valentine's post. I wanted to post today because this is my first "Leap Year Day" as a blogger. However, I couldn't really think of anything to do with that and this post has been stewing around in my mind for a while. And also because I wanted another chance to post a photo of my truffles. Just kidding. Sort of.

    Because of my intense love of Valentine's Day and all things related therein, I always make sure that I go shopping on February 15th. Because the kids and I give out so many Valentine's cards, and I love to do little goody bags, make candy, and generally decorate, I want to be sure to snatch up all the things I want for next year when they are 50% off and ripe for the picking. I do also love to pick things up at 70% and 90% (can you tell where I shop?) but the best selection is when things are at half off.

I had gotten all the things I "needed" and we were waiting in line (actually at Walmart-Target rarely has a line!) when I noticed the guy ahead of me had the Valentine's Day trifecta: giant stuffed animal, roses and a huge box of chocolates. Joel and I are both people watchers, and I was amused, so I poked Joel so he would notice. As soon as he saw, he said, "I bet he made a deal with her (the guy's girlfriend) that he would buy her twice as much if she would wait until the day after." To which I rolled my eyes, because I have expressed my desire to celebrate the 14th on the 15th multiple times, because, let's face it, I'm cheap! Anyway, I agreed with Joel's perception and we went on checking out.

And then I got to thinking about it. Joel had told me earlier that an obscene percentage of women send flowers to themselves on Valentine's Day! That thought is ludicrous to me! If you want to spend money sending me flowers, great, but no how, no way, am I sending them to myself! Joel said that it was because the women were worried they would be embarrassed in front of co-workers, and also it is the same old "one upping the Joneses" syndrome most of America suffers from. And I bet those women make sure those roses arrive ON the 14th.

Because we are so worried about what others think of us. And we are so unwilling to wait. It made me think about my spiritual walk. How many times have I "sent flowers to myself"? How many times has God tried to gently tell me that if I would wait until the day after that I would get twice as much? I am so insistent on demanding things on my schedule- I want to impress those around, and not be embarrassed.

I just couldn't shake the image of the guy with the flowers and chocolates. What a smart girlfriend he had! Willing to wait past everyone else's expectations so that she could have something better than what she could have had otherwise. And comparing that to all those poor women lying about flowers they didn't really need. Wouldn't I rather wise up and wait?

I am always so worried that if I am patient and trust the Lord's timing that I will end up a "day late and a dollar short" but so what? Maybe I will be, but I can guarantee you- be it the next day, the next month or in 10 years, He will bless me with more than I could have ever scrounged up on my own.

We often look at clearance sales as the "left overs"- but in reality you get more than you should have when you wait. Everyone else is really the ones that get the short end of the stick. They paid full price less than 24 hours before for the same thing! Who really comes out looking like the smart ones? The ones who wait.

"In the morning, O LORD, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation." Psalm 5:3

"We wait in hope for the LORD;  He is our help and our shield." Psalm 33:20

"Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes." Psalm 37:7

The last verse is probably my favorite. David knew a thing or two about waiting. You know, the guy who was anointed king and had to wait YEARS to see that promise fulfilled? Yes, he knew that waiting on God produces success.

I always think that it is my job to tell God when, where and how. But He knows what I need and when I *really* need it. And His blessings in His timing will exceed my feeble expectations infinitely. I want to be willing to wait, because sometimes a day late will be far more to my benefit than I could have ever imagined.


  1. It definitely runs in the family that we all hate to wait - and I know we're not alone! I'm guessing that's why God felt the need to mention it so often in His Word!

    As an avid holiday fan, I love the time and energy you pour into Valentine's Day. Kind of makes the winter doldrums just roll away!

  2. That's really awesome Clare. I love how you take everything and equate it with God, it is such a talent :)



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