Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happiness Is...

So, it has been a while since I posted a list. I loooove a list, and I am feeling pretty happy today, so I decided I would post about a couple of the things that are making me smile.
1.We have a squirrel. She comes to the back door about 3 pm every afternoon to beg for food. It is really pretty cute. We think that the people who lived here before us must have fed her. Of course we couldn't say, "no" to that face, so we now have a bag of nuts that we keep by the door for afternoon snacks.
2. I can't resist these faces either. There are days that are more frustrating than others, of course, no child is perfect. But they have been really great friends lately and sharing a room is coming along nicely. That definitely makes me happy!

3. These faces make me happy, too, but really this is because Carson used the potty. I think we will really tackle potty training after we come back from my mom's in March, but he was so excited about going he wanted his picture taken. I will take any small victory that comes along, because Carson being out of diapers will definitely make me happy!

4. My new bedspread. It was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. We had a gift card to Target and it was $20 marked down from $80. I am obsessed with the gray/yellow color combination and it went nicely with the black things I already have in our room. The sheets match better in real life than in this photo. I really like it!
5. Bargains! I have gotten some STEALS lately- for instance: the bodywash was $0.59, the Gain was $1.18, the donuts were $0.50 and I had a $1 coupon for the liners, so I actually made $0.11 on them! I have also gotten free Triaminic, ibuprofen, and more liners this week. It is so fun!
6. My new jeans. I really, really love them because they were FREE! Another coupon deal- I got a $5 off a pair of jeans coupon from Target and these were $4.98!So truly, after the coupon I paid $0.00 for them. This one was too good to combine with the other bargains- it makes me super happy! My mom said with the holes in them she wouldn't have taken them for free, but I am not looking this gift horse in the mouth. No way.

7. Photo books. This is my latest one, from Walgreens, and I love it. It turned out fabulously. I have already made two this year and have another that I will be finishing shortly. I never had any desire to scrap book, but making digital books fits me perfectly. I am finally getting caught up on our photos and that makes me happy, too.
So what is making you happy?



  1. Nice! Your adorable kids make me so happy and they will make me even happier when they are here and I can squeeze them! You new comforter is super cute! I love yellow!

  2. We have squirrels too. One or two live in the tree in our back yard and we have a squirrel feeder that we keep supplied with nuts for him/her! Chuck sees him once in a while and makes a mad dash for him, but he's faster than the dog :)

    LOVE the bedspread. So gorgeous. Looks very Vera Bradley and a great color combo.

    Your deals are smashing! How did you get such great deals/coupons? Please share tips :)

    I'm past the age where holey jeans are part of my wardrobe, but hey, I'm with you, free is free and I would have taken them too!

    And last but definitely not least - your kiddos. Delicious! Can't wait to see you all in a month :)

  3. What your Mom said about your new jeans....sounds JUST like Greg. "Why'd you pay all that money for those (shorts/jeans) when it looks like someone's already worn them?? That makes NO sense!!" I just laugh and tell him he's old..... ;)

    ~ Jen

  4. P.S. And we did a digital photo album this year through Shutterfly. I want to start doing one each year so we can remember what all we did each year as a family. Didn't know Walgreens did them too....might have to look into that.

  5. Okay, so I need to get together with you. I almost stole Carson from the nursery yesterday--he was telling me all about how big he is (he's gonna be strong like his Dad, who takes showers! LOL!) He is so stinkin' CUTE it made my day--well Noah too, but Carson was making me giggle. He is quite a conversationalist!



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