Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Better Get Moving

I will be so happy when all of this moving mess is done with. We have never moved "in town" before- every move I have ever made has been across multiple state lines! It is odd to not be surrounded by boxes- to save money we decided to buy 10 boxes and some packing paper. We have been re-using the boxes. Some have made as many as four trips! I also have a plethora of laundry baskets so we are using those and my reusable grocery totes, too. We pack up the Explorer and Joel drives over and unloads, and then we do it all again.

I am torn between wanting to be here, at the old house, packing and cleaning, and wanting to be at the "new" house unpacking and organizing! I keep telling myself that I need to work on this house and getting it turned over because I will have plenty of time to deal with everything else after that is done! I hate living in limbo, though. I just want to feel settled. I am such a whiner-we have only been in the processing of moving for a week. I think it is hard to know that it is so close, but there is so much left to do!

Also, I am little tiny bit of a control freak when it comes to moving. I really don't even like Joel helping, but he seems to think he must. I just want to do it all myself! But, I can't. Maybe if I had tons of time, or money, (or both!) I could, but it just isn't possible right now. Probably isn't helping that Carson is a little petrified that we are going to forget him. But hopefully, this time next week, I will be sitting in my "new" house, in front of the fireplace with my feet propped up-hey a girl can dream, right?

But, for now, I still have 5 sets of blinds to clean, some baseboards to scrub and about a million odds and ends to throw in laundry baskets and grocery bags. Better get moving...

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  1. You know, I'm no "expert" in moving but the plus side is that you toss...A LOT!

    I have moved my classroom almost every summer and until recently have only misplaced 1 item in 5 years, that's not too bad.

    You're in the thick of it now, but you'll love that you had the chance to go through every little thing you own...and kept what you need!

    Keep at it!



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