Monday, May 24, 2010

Take a Breath, Maybe Not Yet

I finally feel like I am at the "breathing" part of the year. All regularly scheduled activities are over. This next month or so will still be a little hectic because I am:

-hosting my sister and her family for the Memorial Day weekend. Yay!
-running the "Bolder Boulder" on the 31st. Praying my foot will quit hurting and more than a little nervous to try my first 10K. Yikes!
-having a yard sale. Woo-hoo for getting rid of useless, space consuming junk!
-working in two Vacation Bible Schools back to back. Our church: June 7th-11th, on post:the 14th-18th
-waiting to see if Joel will have surgery on his first ankle towards the end of June. I am anxious because I know recovery will be hard, but I know he really is hoping this will bring an end to all the pain he is in.

Okay, so maybe no time to breathe yet. Maybe in July...


  1. Breath,who needs breath?! I feel ya, I think my life will be a whirlwind once we get back from your house! It will seems like we are moving again as soon as I turn around. Jealous though that I am not working in VBS. I love teaching the little people about Jesus:) Glad though that it seems like my guys will at least get to attend one. Can't wait to see you this weekend. Promise I will try not to cause to much extra work;)

  2. I got a little tired just reading your blog. I hope July truly is a slower month for you. However, just think of the money you save by being so busy and having no time to shop---even for groceries.

  3. Does "useless, space consuming junk" include any toys for boys?? How about any cute clothes?? =)

    Have fun this weekend! Hope your ankle feels better and that you enjoy your time with Robyn!! See you Thursday night!!

    ~ Jen

  4. Now I feel guilty for quitting on you (for VBS). I thought you weren't teaching??

    Oh well. You are a trooper & so reliable. Hope to see you soon & spend some time together in my new pad :0)!!

  5. I love the busy season! July seems to be the busiest month of my year, with my birthday, camp, and my almost 3 week mission trip! (did I mention that I am missing our nations birthday, because I am landing in Ukraine on that day?)
    Mom is hoping to have a yard sale to raise some money for my mission trip and Katy's.



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