Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupcakes for Christ

I FINALLY introduced myself to one of my new neighbors on Monday. Not really something to be proud of, since she had moved here in November! I really don't have a valid excuse for not doing it before now. I was gone most of November, all of December and part of January and then part of February. But I was home all of March and April and didn't do it. Anyway, she was kind of funny when I went over there (I took homemade cupcakes) and said, "Yeah, I was talking to my husband and I thought it was kind of funny that no one had come over to welcome us." That made me laugh inside because when you are in the military everyone is always new. So why didn't she introduce herself to anyone?

Anyway, that is beside the point. I don't know why I felt drawn to this particular neighbor. During November I acquired three new neighbors and the one of the other ones has two girls (so maybe if I would get my act together Jocelyn might have a little friend). But, I am hoping we can start a relationship. I never cease to be amazed by the isolation, loneliness and sadness in so many Army wives. Now, I don't necessarily know that this is the case with this woman, we didn't talk for that long. I am just hoping that even with my slow start that the Lord can use me to be a light for Him. I just get so scared. I always worry that people don't like me, and there are good reasons for that! It really takes me a long time to garner my courage. I had been talking to myself almost every day for a week about introducing myself. Yes, I do think that qualifies me as a basket case. But I am discovering that just seeing me in my church clothes on Sunday morning isn't an invitation to ask me how to find Christ. It is in the cupcakes, in the replacing of garbage totes, shoveling of sidewalks and lunches at McDonald's that introductions to Him are made. I am just praying that I will grow bolder with every opportunity-and not burn the cupcakes...:)


  1. Hey, we want "bupcakes" too! The kids always talk about Josie when we say the word cupcakes at our house. Remember though, no white on white!

  2. I always enjoy cupcakes! What a clever way to introduce yourself. I made 48 cupcakes on Wednesday for moms JV class, they were super tasty!

  3. No white on white? That's my FAVORITE. But seriously, I've never met a cupcake I didn't like!

  4. Pretty cupcakes. Did you give her the display plates, too? I took a recyclable bag from Freddy's to someone today and I put "happys" in it. She got so excited when I told her the bag was hers, too. Just an idea for those days when you don't feel like baking "bupcakes".



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