Monday, May 18, 2009

Construction Ahead

I've discovered that spending time on the road offers me many opportunities for contemplation and reflection. My kids are contained, and being fairly familiar with the roads, I can enter "the zone". I was driving home the other night and had been pondering a number of things when I saw the dreaded orange signs: ROAD WORK AHEAD. Yuck! It was late at night and there were few other cars on the road. I hoped secretly that it was day time construction, but alas, night time work is becoming increasingly popular here (I think the companies have figured out there are fewer vehicles, too. Dang it!)

I suppose I should have just taken it in stride. It wasn't like I was going to be late for an appointment. I was tired but not exhausted. However, it was bridge work which caused me to have to exit the highway and stop at a light to cross over the street to go back up the ramp. Grrr! Probably, I still would not have been bothered, but since we have moved here there has been a non-stop construction party. Joel and I swore for a time that the Interstate was being used as orange barrel storage. Obviously tha had to be the case, due to the enormous numbers of them for no apparent purpose other than closing perfectly good lanes for miles the state must have just needed a place to put them! First, it was a main road near two of the gates, then it was each gate in turn (still working on those!),and the interstate has been under construction the entire time we have lived here. It just gets a little- no, a lot- frustrating. I mean, who are they to de-rail my plans? I have places to go, people to see. No time to stop for the flag-person, no time to slow for the crews. Besides, they are doing construction again on areas they have "fixed" already! What?!

So, anyway, I proceed back on to the highway. Thinking about how I was so frustrated by the delay. Even though it had only been a minor inconvenience it reminded me of all the times it had been significantly worse. Why don't I have any patience? After all, isn't this for my long-term benefit? Even though I can't necessarily see what is being fixed, even if I think the problem doesn't affect me. Hmmm, sound familiar?

I know the Lord does road construction in my life. I know there are some potholes He is working to fix right now, some bridges that need their supports shored up, some lines that need re-painting. More often than not, I need to see those ugly orange signs, cones and barrels. They remind me to pay closer attention, be alert for cops on the prowl for speeders, and to see the cars around me and the scenery, too. Maybe there are temptations that I am not aware of, maybe there are people around me who I am missing in my constant rush. Maybe I have forgotten my boundaries because they have become too familiar. Maybe I will never see the results in this life of what is being repaired but I know it is for my good. I am glad I am not the head of the construction crew. I just hope I will be patient enough to let Him do His job.


  1. None of us really like those delays in our day or schedule, not in our physical life or in our spiritual life, but God's ways truly are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts. Maybe we should just try to slow down, watch our speed and proceed with caution.

  2. we're in the heart of road construction hades. The city workers LOVE to tear up the streets around here. Hopefully they'll have the bulk of it done by the time you get here this summer :)



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