Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Memories for Sale

I just consigned a bunch of my kids' clothes at a big sale. It makes me pause and wonder why it is so hard for me to part with their things. I had two huge Rubbermaids full of Josie's clothes that were all under 18 months. What am I saving them for? Carson sure can't use them! It is just hard I think because clothes are such tangible reminders of how tiny your kids used to be. Mine are never that small for long! (Carson is already in 9 months sizes.) I suppose it just physical evidence of the thoughts that divide the mind of every mom. You want your kids to stay little, because they are so adorable, they don't talk back, and they need you so desperately. Yet you want them to mature, to be independent so that they can be successful adults. I think in part it shows how much you treasure your kids, when you want them to stay little and still grow up. It means, in part, that you don't mind the lack of sleep, constant diaper changes and grubby paws as much as you say you do! I will just try to want what God wants for us, to mature but never to lose the complete love and trust of a little child. I let go of a lot of Josie's old things; I realized that even if I do have another girl I will want her to have her own things. I will just take lots of pictures instead!

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