Wednesday, April 10, 2019

To Carson, On Your 11th Birthday

Dear Carson,
            I am so excited that you are 11. I particularly remember 11 as being a very good year. I have every reason to believe the same will be true for you. You are really finding your groove in so many ways, and it is giving you confidence to try new things and mature in a wonderful way.

     I feel like I always say the same things about you in your birthday letter, but that is because you have stayed true to the character God created you with. You are kind, thoughtful and have a true servant's heart. You have really started to use your gifts in regards to glorifying the Lord, and it is so beautiful. You have such sensitivity towards people's feelings, and you combine that with your gift of leadership in a really wonderful way.

   You are learning to persevere when something is difficult. No one likes to do that, but it is a skill that will benefit you your whole life. Often learning new things is tough, but it is beneficial to keep going, even when it seems like a waste of time. Your dad and I are tasked with teaching you a lot of things that you may not deem important, but we are simply trying to equip you to serve the Lord to the best of your ability. We are not trying to frustrate you or embarrass you, we just want to see you grow!

   It is always hard for me to not want to shelter you from anything that makes you anxious. I have fought with anxiety and fear my whole life, and when I see you struggle I just want to rescue you, and keep you away from anything that makes you afraid. But if I do that you will never be who God wants you to be: someone who depends fully on Him. I am doing my best to walk beside you in those tough times, and remind you that the Lord is always with you, that He will guide you, and that you don't need to fear. I am always praying for you, and I am always here to listen.

    And every time I see you face your fears it makes me brave. It reminds me that if you can do it, I have no excuse. You are always helping me to be better, reminding me what friendship and thoughtfulness looks like, that serving others is really service to God. And you make me so proud, because you do it without an expectation of recognition.

    This is going to be a good year. God has great plans in store, just as He has every year of your life. Seeing you gain an ever-deepening appreciation for that is one of my favorite things about seeing you grow. You are amazing, smart, caring and kind. Your dad and I take such pleasure in you. You are growing in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord and it is exciting. I'm glad I get to be a part of it. I love you.


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