Saturday, April 11, 2015

To Carson, On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Carson,
         It is crazy to think that I have been writing these "letters" to you since you were two. That tiny, spiky haired little guy seems a long way away now. I don't think you are the only one who has changed since then, either!

     It is funny to think that we "get to know" our kids, but that is the truth. The longer I am your mom, the better I know you. And I will admit: that sometimes scares me. Mostly because you are like me in so many ways. You hide that you are sometimes anxious under a tough exterior, but I see it in your eyes-you can be overwhelmed by new situations and you flounder some when a curve ball comes your way. But you are so much braver than I was! You are slowing finding your footing-and realizing that fear doesn't have to be a permanent fixture in your life. You get a little angry and can occasionally shut down when you don't know how to face a problem; I understand. But I always want to remind you-Jesus is with you! Nothing is too hard for Him.

   And this year, you have really seen how prayer works. So many things that we have been pleading with the Lord for have come back a resounding "Yes!". After months of praying that God would "give Baby Gracey a new heart" you got to hold that answer to prayer in your own hands.
Even at your young age you realize that it doesn't get much better than that. You are learning that God not only listens, He cares so much more about you than even your dad and I can-and that's a lot!

    You are learning so many other things, too. You will still tell people you "can't read", but you can, and you do it really well. You are always afraid of making mistakes, but you need to be a little easier on yourself. You can't do it all perfectly the first time! (Another trait you got from me.) You took Spanish this year at co-op and *loved* it. You love science, too, and right now you vacillate between the career choices of scientist and tow-truck driver. (Mostly because you still want to be just like your dad!) You go on and on about the experiments you do in class and you have replicated several of them for me at home. You always want to share your excitement about the new things you are learning. The latest is telling us all the facts you are hearing about Japan and China in your Asian studies class. We will soon be experts!

    You are making friends, too, I think mostly because you have so many amazing leadership qualities. At church, at co-op, or even just in the apartment complex, you always are heading up a group of kids.  You know everyone's name, and their apartment number, or who their parents are. You really pay attention to the details and I think that's why you make such a great friend. 

   You are a pretty great son, too. You really wanted everyone to wear superhero shirts on your birthday-it was hilarious that you planned everyone's outfit. You also remember everyone's likes and dislikes in the family-colors, food, movies, music. You love to listen to the same songs as your dad and me (which can be pretty drastically different) and you always remember the words. I introduced you to "Awesome God" by Rich Mullins this year-and it was so fun to hear you ask me to play it again. That's a song I grew up with!

     I could go on and on, but instead of writing it all down, I am just going to keep trying to tell you and show you and your sister every day how much I love you and how amazing I think you are. Your presence in our family never ceases to be a reminder of how God gives such great gifts, even when we are so undeserving. Here's to having an awesome year being 7. I love you.

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