Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simple Paper Straw Snowflake Ornaments

    I'm a tiny bit obsessed with paper straws. I'm not sure why. Maybe its because I'm a trend-follower, maybe it is because they are so colorful, but whatever the cause, I just love them. And when I saw red and green ones at Target I was inspired to put together this cute and simple ornament craft-it is so easy you can make it with your kids!

First you need:
-paper straws in whatever "Christmas" colors you want. I purchased mine at Target in the Dollar Spot. At 10 for $1.00 it can't be beat!
-pipe cleaners, I would recommend white
-scrapbook paper
-ribbon for hanging
-1 to 1 and 1/2 inch hole punch (mine is kind of an odd size, it's like 1 and 2/5!)

Start by measuring and cutting your straws. I cut mine at 2 and 1/2 inch lengths, which gave me exactly three pieces per straw. However, you can make them as large or as small as you like, just be sure you have 8 equal pieces.

Then you need to trim 4 pipe cleaners to double the length of your straw pieces, minus a tiny bit (less than 1/4 of an inch). Basically, this ensures that you don't have pipe cleaner sticking out of the top of the straws.

Grab your pipe cleaners in the middle and twist them into a bunch. You don't need to twist too much, because you don't want a big lump. Just enough to keep them together.

Spread them out into a rough "snowflake" shape. Don't worry about getting it perfect, you can fix it once you add the straw pieces. Pipe cleaners are forgiving like that!

Simply slip your straw pieces over each pipe cleaner. There is no need to glue.

Now you should have an eight pointed snowflake!

Cut your ribbon double the length you want it for hanging and tie it securely in a knot around the middle.

Line the ribbon up on either side of one of the straws, so it will be in place once you add the center embellishments. Add a generous dollop of hot glue, or tacky/craft glue if you are working with children, making sure it touches the bottom of all of the straws.

At this point you have lots of options. You can use two paper circles to cover the center. You can add all kinds of embellishments on top of the paper, like rhinestones, buttons or ribbon. Or you can use a large button to cover the center. Basically, you just need something to cover the pipe cleaner twist in the center, and the glue that is holding it together. I used paper circles and buttons!

If you would like to finish the "ends", cut a piece of pipe cleaner about 1 and 1/2 inches. You will need 8, one for each point.

Fold it in half, and then take the top of each side, and bend that about halfway down, leaving it to point out horizontally.

That will give you a "T" shape like this. You can place these into the straws at the end of each point. I just pushed mine in and they stayed just fine, but if you are worried about them falling out, just put some glue in the end of each straw and then put the pipe cleaner piece back in.
I snapped a quick outdoor shot for you, but since it was 8 degrees and the wind was blowing sideways, it isn't too terrific!

I got a better shot indoors. These are great tree ornaments, but they would also be cute package toppers, or embellishment for a wreath. You could even string them together to make a garland.

They are also a really inexpensive project, too! The cost breakdown:

$0.30 for the straws (3 at $0.10 each)
$0.15 for the pipe cleaners (I bought a package at Hobby Lobby for $1 and didn't even use a fourth!)
Various embellishments and ribbon were probably less than $0.25
Total= around $0.75 each

I had the ribbon, buttons and paper on hand, but you use so little of these that even if you had to purchase them you would still have plenty left for other projects! They are quick to put together, so you can whip up a whole tree-full in no time.  Quick, cheap, colorful and easy-that is my kind of Christmas project.

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  1. These are so fun! I love how colorful they are...perfect for topping gift packages! I'd love for you to link these up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop that's live right now. Hope to see you there!

  2. So adorable and not too girly so the guys wouldn't mind doing them! Quick and easy, works for me.

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